17 Nov

18 Interesting places to visit in Abuja

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I have been to Abuja  on about 5 different trips (some while I was in secondary school and some while I was an undergraduate). Some of the trips were by road and some where by air. click here to book a flight to Abuja and or a flight to any other part of the world. click here

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The device were most of the pictures of the different Abuja trips are on crashed. If I’m able to retrieve the pictures, I will update this post. However, I still have a few of the pictures which I will share below.




Places I visited in Abuja:

  • Shoprite Novare Apo 2 Mall
  • Jabi mall
Jabi mall

Jabi mall

  • Jabi Lake

Jabi Lake

Jabi Lake

Jabi Lake

  • Have Buffet at Sheraton
  • Grand square supermarket
  • Ceddi Plaza: my favourite place here is: Nkoyo restaurant

Nkoyo: Ceddi Plaza










Millennium park: Suitable for a picnic


  • Little China:


Little China, Abuja

  • National children’s park and zoo
  • Magic land: previously known as Wonderland. My favourite ride there is roller coaster. It is scary and fun at the same time. They have outdoor rides and also Indoor fun (game arcade, their game arcade is the like the Rufus and Bee of Abuja, Rufus and Bee is a game arcade in Lagos)
  • Garki market
  • Wuse market
  • Shagalinku: I love their salad, tuwo rice, jollof rice and my best meal to have there is their ram pepper soup. They also have branches in Kaduna, I have also visited their branch in Kaduna.
  • 212 Bakery, Abuja
  • Also, there is Silverbird Cinemas both at Jabi mall and the mall at Memorial Drive, Musa Yar’Adua Center

Musa Yar'Adua Center


On my next visit to Abuja, I would love to visit:

  • Crushed rock, Mpape
  • Zuma rocks resort
  • Almat Farms

Have you been to Abuja before? If yes which places did you visit? If no would you love to visit Abuja? and which places will you love to go to when you get there. I will love to hear from you in the comments section.


Yinka says:

Love Abuja not too much hustle and bustle

faithooo says:

I totally agree 😊

Mimi says:

Yet to visit but when I do would definitely check out these places.

faithooo says:

Let me know how it goes when you do😊

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