27 Apr

18 ways to fuel your wanderlust in the seasons you cannot travel.

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We all might have some seasons where we will love to travel but due to one reason or the other we are unable to travel at that time. Here are some ways we can fuel our wanderlust in the seasons we cannot travel:

  • Read travel blogs (just like you are reading one now).
  • Watch travel vlogs on YouTube and other platforms.
  • Consume travel contents on social media platforms(Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Pinterest etc) through status, groups, posts, reels, stories, guides, Instagram and Facebook live sessions, Twitter space, tweet, thread etc.
  • Make a draft plan of some of the adventures you want to go on by researching( for flight, accommodation ,tours,restaurants, group trips you can join)etc, ask for the experiences of others, check reviews, check social media platforms.
  • Renew or get a new passport, yellow card and other documents that may be required, research on visa requirements for chosen destination. 

  • Purchase travel merchandise.
  • Read travel books.
  • Reminisce on your previous travel moments.
  • Talk about travel with a fellow wanderluster.
  • Explore your city i.e the city you live in.
  • Visit restaurants that sell meals of some of the destinations you are itching to visit and try out their meals. For instance, if you are in Lagos: visit Thai Thai, Orchid Thai to have a taste of Thai food in Lagos before you are able to go to Thailand; visit Goodies, Wilsons cafĂ© to have a taste of Lebanese food before you are able to go to Lebanon.
  • Play travel games like: This or that travel edition, travel card games etc.
  • Watch travel movies.
  • Purchase travel items you will need for your next trip.
  • Look through your previous travel photos and videos.
  • Listen to travel podcasts. 
  • Cook meals of countries you want to visit.

  • Create a travel bucket list


Do you love this list? Kindly make some suggestions of other things to do to fuel wanderlust. Time to chat in the comment section.

Ojajuni Emmanuel Abiodun says:

My last experience at R&B Chinese restaurant in Eko hotel Lagos was interesting.just to get familiar with Chinese food. I tried eggrice sauced with vegetable and other spices. I couldn’t finish my plate because it taste so differently from normal Nigerian food. But I enjoyed the experience.i will love to try this food if I travel to china in the nearest future.

faithooo says:

That will be great. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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