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16 Interesting Places to visit in Abuja

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16+ Places to visit in Abuja: 2022 Edition


Retro Africa: A beautiful art gallery in the heart of Asokoro, Abuja; free to visit, ambience is great, very cosy, nice, on point lightning, super clean, air conditioners very effective etc.

Retro Africa Retro Africa


Retro Africa Retro Africa

Retro Africa Retro Africa

Retro Africa Retro Africa


National childrens park and zoo: Located in Asokoro as well houses a zoo with signposts on the animals giving more information about them, play area with swings and some other rides,lake area, great spots for pinic etc. Entry fee 500 naira

National Children's park and zoo National Children's park and zoo


Art Tech District: Located in Wuse 2 Abuja, has various restaurants such as: (Lagos-Bistro Abuja, Sketch Abuja, Amazonia),discovery museum: which is the first digital museum in Nigeria, escape room, private movie viewing etc.

Art Tech District

I visited Lagos-Bistro Abuja: (love the free puff puff that comes while waiting for you order, I had spicy chicken wings; yum yum yum)

and Discovery museum: where there where various rooms both on the ground floor and first floor and includes: currency room which showcases the different Nigerian currencies,watched  a video of an  IDP camp through virtuality(it was so touching), music room which we could played music from various Nigerian musicians, Information on past leaders on different screens, ATD studio, culture and tourism room, 360 room, watched some other documentaries about Nigeria, saw some digital art and other kinds of art work etc

Lagos Bistro-Abuja Lagos Bistro-Abuja Lagos Bistro-Abuja Lagos Bistro-Abuja Art Tech District Art Tech District Art Tech District Art Tech District Art Tech District Art Tech District Art Tech District Discovery Museum Discovery Museum Discovery Museum Discovery Museum Discovery Museum


Junkyard grills:Located at Wuse 2 bought their spaghetti bolognaise and it was okay.

Junkyard grills Junkyard grills Junkyard grills


Papaprimz pizza: located at Wuse 2.I  had their Philly steak pizza. It was nice

paparimz pizza paparimz pizza


Dome: It was my first time trying bowling, I played it at the Dome, located at Central Business District Area

Bowling at The Dome Bowling at The Dome Bowling at The Dome Bowling at The Dome


Ecunmecial centre was under renovation when I got there,so they were not allowing tours at that time.

Amazon Kayak: When we got to the venue google map directed to be the destination and saw some signposts, we were still unable to easily locate exactly where the amazon kayak and bubble ball was.

Nosta café: Located at Wuse 2, I had their bubble gum ice cream and loved it.

Nosta Cafe


Jabi lake and mall:  Located at Jabi. There are various shops, stores, brands etc in the Jabi mall. Bought ice cream from one of the ice cream spots in the mall but cant remember the name; forgot to take note.


Wakanda Paintball: Located at Wuse, joined existing teams that were paint-balling, it costs 3000 for renting the different gears and the paint-balls. I enjoyed it, except the times I was shot at, lol.

wakanda paintball wakanda paintball wakanda paintball wakanda paintball

The Vue: Located in  Novare mall at Wuse. I decided to experiment and did not end up liking the main meal I ordered, I enjoyed the starters;  (chicken dumplings); the Nan bread was okay.

The Vue

Dropped my sis  at Central park ,Garki and proceeded to, (drum rolls, guess where I went to next?)

Dunes: Located at Maitama, your girl went to Dunes to sight see because with the prices there, I am currently not their target market. There are several shops here selling: clothes, shoes, fabrics etc. I only bought face wipes and a cinnamon pastry from their shopping mall (price altogether was 1000 something, cant remember exact).

Dunes Center


Shehu Musa Yar’Adua museum: located in Shehu Musa Yar’Adua center at Central Business District; the museum has;register/book to record thoughts about our former president, things we hope for Nigeria, pictures,screen etc talking about Shehu Musa Yar’Adua , Nigerian colonialism, Nigerian flag etc. etc.

Shehu Musa Yar'Adua Shehu Musa Yar'Adua Shehu Musa Yar'Adua Shehu Musa Yar'Adua


BMT garden: Located at Wuse, paid 1000 to visit the zoo and saw different animals including: lions, baboons, monkeys, crocodile,chicken etc.

BMT Garden BMT Garden

BMT Garden BMT Garden


I also walked around the lounge and pool area.


Charcoal grill Abuja: located in chocolate mall, Wuse 2. This was my favourite meal of the trip. It was really really good and the ambience was awesome as well. I had baked sweet potatoes, very fresh veggies, lamb and lamb sauce; was so yummy, sumptuous, delicious, yum!. As I am typing about it, I wish I could have it right it front of me again. I was given free popcorn to munch on while I was waiting for my meal.

Charcoal grill Abuja Charcoal grill Abuja

Magicland: located at Kukwaba Hills, Constitution Ave, Wuye. They have various outdoor rides like pirate ship,roller coaster, water splash, horse ride, car ride and more. Indoor game arcades like table hockey, basketball, car race, catch a doll and more. I did a couple of outdoor and Indoor games/rides.

Magicland Magicland Magicland

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Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport
Nnamdi Azikiwe  Airport

Which of these places have you visited and what was your experience like?

Retro Africa
Retro Africa



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