07 Nov
7 days in Dubai

2 Interesting packages and how to access them

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Please note that if you purchase, I might earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, thank you so much in advance for you support.

Something exciting…yay!! yippee!!!. My first post on my blog ( click here to read it) was on my trip to Dubai. Before, during and after the trip, I was fully a wayfare customer; now I’m getting an opportunity to not only be a customer but also do some partnerships with wayfare…Is that not great? Prior to the partnership, I did not know we will partner soon but great things happen when you stay connected, support other people within and outside your industries both career and business wise ,choose collaboration over competition etc.


Today, you could be supporting me, tomorrow we could partner on something, meet other great people during the group trip that you can build great friendships with, work on projects together, connect each other with opportunities, work on great ideas together and many more…

Unveiling two great packages to travel with wayfare to Dubai: One for November, One for December

7 days in Dubai

Christmas in Dubai

Want to travel to Dubai sometime next year? Also reach out to wayfare because they will have different packages available then as well.

Want a customized trip for just yourself (solo) orĀ  your family or your friends or your colleagues etc. Reach out to wayfare as well.

Group trips have their advantages, Solo trips have their advantages as well; so also team bonding, group of friends, couple etc.

click here to read about my awesome and amazing experience travelling with Wayfare July 2019 group squad. The experience was priceless and so worth it and something to look forward to doing over and over again. I went on the group trip with my sister and she also want’s to have the experience over and over again. We met other amazing people during the trip as well.

Till now, well over a year after, we can still talk about the trip without being bored or fed up that we have talked about it a number of times because it was a SuperB! time.

I am looking forward to hearing the jist about your experience.

p.s: Do not forget to mention that you are from faithooo.

Thanks again for your support. I really appreciate. God bless you richly.


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