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2021: Year In Review

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2021: Year In Review

Also updated the LCC blog post with my 2nd and 3rd visit, Terra Kulture blog post, Landmark blog post were also updated.

God is my sustainer, my Abba Father and much more(He has been so in previous years, He is now and forever He will continue to be). The most Important decision I have ever made and I will ever make is choosing to follow Christ, accepting Him as my personal Lord and Savior and serving Him. It is the best decision anyone can ever make. I am super duper thankful and grateful to God for 2021. For the victories, testimonies and seeing us through some challenges, trials etc. I worship and praise Him for who He is as well and for all He will still do. I spent time with Him personally and with other believers as well and I will continue to do so by Gods grace.

I did a Tuesday with Travel Bloggers I.G live session with: TheFisayo.

twtb with TheFisayo

I started my YouTube channel click here to watch vlogs. Please subscribe, like and share.

I attended CUALA Town hall meeting.

CUALA townhall meeting

I shared part of my PCOS journey in an IG live and did a couple of other IG lives click here to watch replays.


#whnaa team prayed, planned, prepared and held an Intimate worship session, All glory to God only for the success.View highlights here and view other amazing social media contents. click here

Worship Him now and always Worship Him now and always Worship Him now and always Worship Him now and always Worship Him now and always Worship Him now and always

I attended Ajalastore and Game plug ng ‘s new physical store launch at Ogba shopping complex.

Ajalastore and Gameplug Ajalastore and Gameplug

I sent out monthly newsletters.

I attended Breathe worship sessions with Onos Ariyo (2 physically and the others online).

breathe worship

I had a worship session on YouTube with TheFisayo, to watch the replay, click here

A huge part of my year was spent: pursuing my masters degree in Business Administration(MBA), I’m done with the first session and I’m in the 2nd session. It was a season of attending lectures, doing assignments, term papers, group work, preparing for and writing  exams etc. Please do recommend your girl for management consulting roles. To know other ways to work with me, collaborate, partnership etc. click here

I did mostly academic reading ; a few non academic books I read are: Being a woman by Seun Osigbesan, Girl Power by Nancy Nsofor

being a woman by Seun Osigbesan Girl power by Nancy Nsofor

I tried out new hairstyles and looked through some memories.

low cut low cut retouched air low cut low cut low cut low cut

I was featured on the Karis space podcast.

I participated in the CUALA Mentorship program as a mentee. I am thankful to my mentor for the nuggets shared on management consulting and I am looking forward to great opportunities in the field.

CUALA mentee program

I attended the evening of worship at Naf, Ikeja hosted by the youths for the youths weekend.

NAF protestant church

I attended unbound fest organised by Starhub (the youth expression of daystar christian center).

unbound: daystar

I attended: hospitaliTEA4 hosted by: women in Hospitality Nigeria (WHIN).

I attended some of the Nigerian travel week events.

I attended a couple of Akwaaba sessions.

I attended CUALA Family fun day.

I attended a few weddings.

wedding guest wedding guest

Kindly check my blog-posts released this year to see more places I went too.

Some blog posts made it to the 1st page of google search engines.

My favourite IG story filters of the year when making videos that showed my face below:

Instagram Filter Instagram Filter

I upgraded my hosting plan as a result of disk quota being full and its the second time I’m upgrading my hosting plan since Inception of the blog. This means bills with my hosting company are increasing to house and maintain my website, so please do support your girl by reading, re-reading and sharing articles and pages so I can continue to land brand deals that will help my growth and wanderlust journey. Thank you.

hosting plan.

I am grateful to everyone that has supported this journey in one way or another so far,thank you for your show of love to the small and growing brand. May God bless you richly,may you never lack favour, support, breakthrough, miracles, open doors, pleasant surprises and much moreeeee.

This is the 35th article and last one for year 2021,different pages as well landed a few brand deals, collaborations,sent out series of newsletters, series of contents on social media platforms which include: Instagram, Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, some vlogs on YouTube etc.

Thanks in advance for your future support as you check out our articles, subscribe with newsletters, engage with social media contents, watch vlogs on YouTube, support the brand deals, collaborations, partnerships etc.

faithooo Faith Oguntayo

I watched a couple of series and movies like: castle and castle on Netflix, IamRiona on Dstv, Rumour has it,Money. Men.Marriage on YouTube etc.

A big thank you to Nene Uwa (Ajalanene) and Alarinka (thatTokelady) for the giveaway won.

AjalaNene Alarinka TheAlarinka


I had attended church services and other programs both online and offline.

How was 2021? What are some of the things you did? Are there any places we visited in common? Are there other things we did in common? Lets jist in the comments section.


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  1. Martha Simon Okon

    You’re doing a great job dear, keep it up👍 greater feats to achieve awaits you!
    you can improve on the ux design of your blog and how to size and position the pictures.

  2. You did fantastic and yeah we have attendance at Nigeria Travel Week, Akwaaba and a visit to Lekki Conservation centre in common.
    Have a wonderful 2022!

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