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2022: Year In Review

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It is my pleasure, for the third year in a row, to write my Year In Review blog post. To read 2020 edition,  click here and to read 2021 edition click here .

Faithooo Faithooo Faithooo

The blog posts that were written, edited and published this year are:

An Instagram Live Session: 10+ Interesting Questions Vera Answered+extra jist

Interesting news:stand a chance to win an expense paid trip to Morocco with these 5 easy steps

A quest to finding bubble tea in lagos

Reflections from almost 2 years of travel blogging

Flight Review: Flying with Green Africa from Lagos to Abuja and back to Lagos

Accommodation Review: Interesting facts about Command Guest House

16 Interesting Places to visit in Abuja

Review of Staying at Ilaji Resorts: 10 Interesting facts

Review of staying at International Institute of tropical Agriculture:9 Interesting facts

Visiting Ibadan:7 Interesting places I explored

The blog posts contain details of places I explored in 2022.

2022: Year In Review

I updated some posts like: Landmark, Restaurant, Rufus and Bee under Interesting places to visit in Lagos blog post etc.

Some food brands/restaurants I enjoyed include: Toasties, black bell, Gourmet twist, Teastoria, White and Brie, Barcelos, Pancake hub, Spur, Rhapsody, Marriott Buffet, Radisson etc.

Pancake hub Emperor's restaurant Koriko and co

Emperor's restaurant   compliments of the season

I Shared post,pages, tour packages of some other amazing travel brands, content creators etc.

I had a hangout with some of my MBA coursemates.

I had a couple of different outings with my family,friends, saw some friends I had not seen in years etc. Great, great times of bonding, unwinding, reconnecting, jisting, relaxing, lesiure etc.

Worship Him now and always shared some Christ centered posts and had a worship meeting called: Chayil in conjunction with Damisi @ 25, it was an awesome, splendid, spectacular, glorious, amazing, superb!, blessed and much moreee time in Gods presence and Gods name was glorified.

Chayil worship program Chayil worship program

I attended some travel sessions at Africa nxt in Landmark event center.

Africa Nxt

I attended Women In Tourism Business Luncheon 2.0 hosted by Ajalanene of Nene Uwa. It was an amazing time  connecting with other women in the tourism space, wining and dining, face painting, discussions on 2022 International Women’s day theme which is Break the Bias etc.

Women In Tourism Luncheon 2.0

I was a part of the planning committee and I attended the Easter in Idere hills trip hosted by NTL (Nigerian Tourism Lovers).

Idere hills Idere hills Idere hills Idere hills Idere hills

I read: I am not alone by Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo.

I had a purple themed birthday photo shoot and did a thanksgiving series on my Instagram page. I  also invited some of my friends for a get together in my home on my birthday, which was Saturday 9th of April.

Faithooo's birthday

I joined a step tracker challenge group and we had different number of step targets for different months. The heighest I did was over 16,000 steps.

I attended GT bank food and drink fair.

I started growing my hair back and I love the progress so far.

Thanks to Laju Iren, Gird store and Laju Iren films for gifting a beautiful T shirt of : Loving Amanda the movie.

I landed a brand deal with Green Africa.

I co-planned and attended the proposal, bridal shower and wedding ceremonies of my friend.

court wedding Bridesmaid Bridesmaid Bridesmaid proposal

I featured on my cousins podcast, Mothers Haven.

I had an Instagram Live with Pamilerin Adeyemi titled: Adulthood a scam or not.

I had attended: New Dimensions a worship experience with Onos at Landmark event center.

New Dimensions with Onos Ariyo

I got a new role to serve as a Financial Administration Assistant at Temlio Communications and Solutions limited. My LinkedIn profile has the roles, duties, responsibilities etc. In a couple of months, I learned new things, contributed my quota, earned etc.

I attended Ajala Nene’s Coffelicious birthday+ Coffee Ambassador Launch party.

Happy coffee

I made an entry for the Tourism Business Challenge 1.0 by Nene Uwa.

I hosted an Instagram live session with @heynikeh and I did a giveaway for her most loyal follower.

I attended: The Gathering a worship program hosted by Olamide Kuforiji.

the gathering

I attended Eagles Summit with Dr. David Oyedepo(chancellor) and other Eagles. It was truly a time of Impartation and a refreshing time. The picture below is from a tour we had before the program started of the arch project for Winners ministry.

the arch

I attended: When Eagles Worship hosted by the Covenant University Alumni Association at RCCG, Powerlink chapel.

When Eagles worship When Eagles worship When Eagles worship When Eagles worship

I shared about voting for Wayfare on my social media platforms. Wayfare was nominated for the Densa Awards (Best Travel Agency Category) and Wayfare won, yayyyy yipeee.

I pursued the second session of my MBA(Masters in Business Administration), my specialisation was Management. Lots of reading,studying,research, assignments etc .I choose Management specialisation out of the six specialisation options(Management, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Production and Marketing) because I intend to pursue a career in Management consulting and I am looking forward to harnessing the opportunities in 2023 and beyond by Gods grace, from my lips to Gods ears.


p.s: I will be updating this blog post with a couple of Interesting places I get to visit before the year ends, kindly look out for them.

Update: Had a good time: watching a stage play at Muson center, visiting Utazi, Bubbletti,Teastoria, Thai Thai, The good beach etc.

muson center utazi

Thai Thai Thai Thai Thai Thai

Good beach Good beach Good beach

Good beach Good beach Good beach

How was 2022 for you? What are some exciting things that happened?

Congratulations on your 2022 wins and adventures! I hope 2023 is even better! 2022 was also a good travel year for us. Looking forward to all the good things 2023 will bring.

faithooo says:

Thank you so much Amarachi. I looked forward to reading your new blog posts every Tuesday. Thanks for staying consistent, sharing your adventures with us and fueling our wanderlust. May 2023 be greater for you and yours as well. Thanks again.

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