31 Interesting Travel words and their Meanings

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I would be defining various travel words in this post and for this blog post to serve as a micro mini dictionary for travel words. Lets start with defining travel.

travel words

(1) Travel: Travel means to move from one place to another either by road, rail, air, water etc.

(2) MICE Travel: MICE in the context of travel is an acronym for: meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions.

(3) Business Travel: This is the kind of travel done for work or business pursuits.

(4) Leisure Travel: This is travel for vacation, recreation, holiday etc.

(5) Bleisure Travel: This is combining work travel and leisure travel in the same trip.

(6) Gap year. A gap year is time out to travel  between life stages. It is also known as a sabbatical, time off, time out and a year out, referring to a period of time in which people disengage from curricular education and/or work and undertake activities such as traveling, volunteering or working abroad.(definitions.net).

(7) Solo Travel: To travel to another destination alone.

(8) Group Travel: To travel to another destination with other people.

(9) Travel Agency: A business/company that helps a traveler plan their trip. Such as obtaining their visas, hotel bookings, flight tickets, tours, airport transfers, passport renewals.

(10) Travel Agent: A travel agent works for/at a Travel Agency.

(11) A tour operator :is an organization, firm, or person who is responsible for the actual arrangement of transport and accommodation facilities on any tour or vacations. They are also responsible for operating and providing vacation through contracting, booking, and packaging together of the various components of the tour such as hotel, transportation, meals, guides, optional tours, and sometimes flights. (Tourism notes.com)

(12) Destination marketing (or marketing of a place): is a managerial process, a demand driven research, advertising and communication activity with the focus on potential external consumers. It mainly focuses on attraction of visitors – tourists, investors, university students or skilled labor force.”

(13) A Travel Blogger: Someone that curates and tells travel stories; talks about  travel destinations, gives tips and hacks, promotes tourist destinations and other components of travel, visa processes, accomodation, restaurants, “how to” posts and much more.

(14) A Travel Vlogger: Someone who does the work of a travel blogger in video form.

(15) Wanderlust: A strong desire/passion to see as many parts of the world as possible.

(16) Globe Trotting: To travel widely to a lot of countries and spend a lot of time travelling to different parts of the world.

(17) Peregrinate :To travel or wander around from place to place.

(18) Fernweh: An urge to travel even stronger than wanderlust

(19)Solivagant: Wandering alone

(20)Eudaimonia : The contented happy state you feel when you travel

(21)Gadabout : A person who travels often or to many different places for pleasure

(22)Serendipity: Finding something good without looking for it.

(23)Sehnsucht : A wistful longing and yearning in the heart for travels that have been and travels to come.

(24)Resfeber: The restless race of a traveler’s heart before the journey begins; The tangled feeling of fear and excitement before a journey begins.

(25)Querencia:  A place where one feels safe, A place where one feels at home.

(26)Coddiwomple :To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

(27)Hodophile : A lover of roads. One who loves to travel.

(28)Wayfarer: Someone who travels, especially on foot.

(29)Thalassophile: Someone who loves the sea, ocean; A lover of the ocean.

(30)Morii: The desire to capture a fleeting moment

(31) Airbnb (short for Air Beds and Breakfast): is a marketplace that connects travelers with local property owners. Airbnb is an online marketplace which lets people rent out their properties or spare rooms to guests. Airbnb takes a commission on every booking.


Other words (most of which are more familiar)Include: hotels, hostels, flight tickets, visa, passport, airlines, airplanes, helicopters, tourist attractions, mountains, hiking, seas, beaches, water parks, rides, kayaking, boat cruise, camping, train, tours etc.


Which of these words are you seeing for the first time? What are some travel words you love that are not featured in this post? Time to hear from you in the comments section.

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