23 Aug
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38 Interesting Travel Related Topics

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I was nominated and I accepted to volunteer as the group leader for the Eagles (Covenant University graduates ) travel micro community group. So I thought to share some of the topics that have been discussed on the group with everyone. Most raised by me and some others by lovely people in the group.

The New Ikogosi Resort.

PTA (Personal Travel Allowance)

SOAR series: click here for the replay


Sharing about Travel and Tourism Industry events.

Operation SSS(Shout out Saturday’s and Sunday’s): promoting our businesses/ giving a shout out to businesses of Eagles in the group we have patronised/ enjoyed content of content creators etc on Saturdays and Sundays.

Fun Fridays.

Picking a date for a daycation in Lagos.

Discussions on a possible International trip before the end of the year.

Possible collaborations of different travel professionals in the group.

The Seychelles ban of Nigerian Passport holders.

Is there anything we can do as Nigerian passport holders to Increase the value of our green passport?

Preferred place to stay on a trip (e.g. Hotel, Airbnb, couch surfing, with family and friends etc).

What do you travel more for? (Corporate work, Business, M.I.C.E, Vacation, Blesiure, relocation to different countries etc).

Favourite mode of transportation (Flight, Road, Rail, Water etc).

What to do to your phone on a flight (put on airplane mode, switch it off, leave it on).

How do you plan for your trips( use the services of a travel agent, tour operator, tour guide etc, read travel blogs, Read travel vlogs, research on social media platforms, ask questions from those that have been to the destination etc).

Adventurous activities (Paragliding, Bungee jumping, Hot air balloon  ride, paint balling, bowling, kayaking, snorkeling, Dhow cruise, dune bashing, sky diving, visit a world wonder, hiking etc).

Will you rather (Have free flight ticket, have free accommodation, have visa free access to all countries).

Do you prefer solo trips or group trips?

What depicts luxury more (Business/first class ticket, 5 star Hotel accommodation).

IITA, Ibadan.

Discussions on various local and International Airlines e.g. Air peace, Green Africa, British Airways, Qatar etc.

Various leisure activities.

Inspiration for visiting a particular destination (people, culture, food, infrastructure, tourist attractions, language, weather, dressing etc.)

Nigerian Railway routes (Lagos-Abeokuta, Lagos-Ibadan etc).

New UK visa application Center in Port Harcourt.

South Africa E visa.

Travel quotes and authors.

Travel words and their meaning.

Largest art gallery in West Africa, located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Longest canopy walk in Africa, located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Spotlight of some Eagles in travel and tourism on CUALA’s Instagram page.

Spotlight CUALA

Voluntourism and Volunteering.

World  Tourism day: September 27th.


Number of UN recognized countries in the world (193 countries/territories).

2023 ranking of countries with the strongest passports and how many destinations you can access visa free.

Travel newsletters to subscribe to.


Which topic is your favourite? what topics will you love to be added to the list?

Martins B. Jenchat says:

I like to topic of the ban on Nigerian passport holders and what can be done about it.

faithooo says:

Thank you. It is a very needed topic and we need to profer solutions to make life easier for the Nigerian traveller.

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