4 Interesting places at Landmark, Lagos: A Review

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4 Interesting Places to visit in Landmark: A  Review

I have visited Landmark a couple of times usually to attend social media week and usually some sessions on Travel and Tourism and I also once attended the session on Urban Plus Lady.

Landmark is located at:Plot 2 & 3,(Beach: plot 4) Water Corporation ,Victoria Island.

My most recent visit was to try out a restaurant there. I initially wanted to visit(looking forward to doing so some other time) Landmark beach and also try out Island Breeze inside Landmark beach but on getting there I decided to try out Hardrock cafe.

Hardrock Cafe: I and my sister tried their American burger and it was delicious.

hardrock cafe

hardrock cafe

hardrock cafe

hardrock cafe

hardrock cafe

Bubbletii: I had their mango tango bubble tea, I would love to visit again to try out other flavors because I loved the one I bought.



Popcorn from Genesis Cinemas: My sister bought popcorn from Genesis Cinemas and their large was bigger than the ones being sold at the different cinemas we have been to on the Mainland.

Popcorn from Genesis Cinemas

Spur: I had one of their mocktails: Lemon Daisy and also bought take away(rice, wings and tartar sauce)


Other restaurants in Landmark include: Shiro Lagos, 355, KFC. There is also a pharmacy and some other stores at Landmark.

Have you been to Landmark before? If yes, kindly share your experience, If no, will you love to visit?

P.S: It was my birthday on the 9th of April and It was the first birthday I celebrated since travel blogging became one of the things I do and I love it!

#whnaa(Worship Him now and always), a worship group I started based on a leading will be two (2) on the 1st of May, kindly check through posts on our Instagram page page for some exciting updates and watch out for more exciting updates.

May 17th is my blog anniversary. faithooo.com.ng will be 1 on the 17th of May. Thank you so much for supporting the journey so far. In your spare time, will love if you go through blog posts you have not read, share them, let me know what you love about them, areas you feel can be Improved on, the kind of articles you will love to read going forward, partnerships and collaborations you will love to see and support, giveaways you will like to win, any other contributions…You can either leave a comment here or send an email to me at: faithoooguntayo@gmail.com. Thank you very much.


Value Adding Woman

In the spirit of celebrations, I am sharing some more jpegs…

House of Prayer is located at: , 10A Adewale Kolawole Street, off TF Kuboye street Lekki 1 (right side), by Pinnacle Petrol station Lekki, 2nd roundabout, Lagos. The pictures below were taken there, It is a really nice place and I have visited once recently(same day I visited places above) If it were closer to were I currently live, I’m sure I will have been visiting more often. It is beautiful, serene and I had an awesome time communicating with God, my audience of One. Apart from the room where the pictures below were taken, there are a couple of other rooms which can be booked for Christ centered events, a kitchen, an outside dining area, an area with tabs were sermons, messages and other Christ centered resources can be accessed etc. Worship Him now and always will be having a program there on the 12th of June by God’s grace.

House of Prayer

House of Prayer

Update: I have had a couple of more stop overs at Landmark after above about 2 more times, but I have still not entered the beach yet, hopefully I can on my next visit.

In love with the bubble tea so I have had it a couple of times, bought popcorn from Genesis (not seen any size like that on the Mainland) have you? .

Got KFC burger on one of the visits as well

KFC Burger bubble tea

Update: On the 1st of March 2022, I attended some #Africanxt sessions at Landmark event center: the travel sessions and a mental health session.


Update: On the 26th of March 2022, I finally made it into Landmark beach to attend my friend’s birthday get together.

Landmark beach Landmark beach


Landmark beach Landmark beach


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