07 Nov

6 Interesting places I visited in Ibadan

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Prior to this trip, I had passed through Ibadan several times while travelling and had visited years ago when I was still in secondary school so I was excited to go on another trip to Ibadan. Read about what I got up to below:

The trip was to attend the post graduate graduation ceremony of the University of Ibadan but as a wanderluster and an Ajala, I used the extra day of the trip to visit a couple of places.


Places I visited In Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria :

(1) University of Ibadan(U.I): I visited University of Ibadan for the post graduate school graduation ceremony. The ceremony lasted a few of hours; order of program included: procession, speeches, presentation of awards, announcements etc. After the ceremony, it was picture taking, jisting and celebration time.

University of Ibadan

(2) Agodi Parks and Gardens: I went there on a Saturday and there were a lot of people doing various activities which included: birthday celebrations, picnic, nature walks, swimming, eating, horse riding, children were playing at the recreational park, taking pictures and videos, paintballing etc.

Agodi Gardens

(3) IITA Forest Reserve: I went to IITA with the intention of doing the forest tour to enjoy nature, see squirrel, bird watching etc. However, on getting there, was told you had to be lodged there to have access to the forest tour so I could not do the forest tour since we were already lodged somewhere else. I had previously thought a visitor could pay for the forest tour without having to book hotel accomodation. I look forward to doing the tour when I get an opportunity to lodge there.

(4) Bodija market: I and my mum went to buy food stuffs at the market on the same Saturday after we had gone to both Agodi Gardens and IITA forest reserve. At this time, we were tired but needed to do the shopping since we were to return to Lagos the next day, we walked through the length and breadth of the market and the two major items I noticed were cheaper are: yams and meat; therefore, we bought in bulk.

(5) Amala Polaris: I had heard a lot of nice things and review about this place and I was not disappointed because their food is so so good. The ewedu is really thick and nice, the amala and stew to is so on point, the assorted meat and goat meat is lit.

We visited more than once, so I also tried out their white rice, beans, plantain, stew and meat and it was good as well.

(6) Ultima: Ultima is like The Place of Ibadan ( The Place is a restaurant in Lagos with various branches across Lagos state) . they sell variety of meals which are delicious and sumptuous ranging from different types of rice, porridge, different kinds of swallow etc.

p.s: If you have hiked before what tips do you have for someone that wants to start hiking on trips but has some fears?

It will be nice to hike Ado-Awaye ( Ado-Awaye is one of only two suspended lakes in the world) on my next visit to Oyo state and also check out other tourist attractions I have not yet visited in the state.

Have you been to Ibadan before? If yes which places did you visit? If no will you love to visit Ibadan?




Jumoke Smiley says:

This is a beautiful read, I’m glad you had fun.
Here are a few tips for hiking, get all hiking gears with you, they include; water, glucoses or carbonated drinks because sugar increases your adrenaline rush and you need it, good hiking shoes with good grip, comfortable clothing like a T-shirt and joggers (I honestly don’t advise anything skinny), sunglasses or sun hats or bucket hats, sunscreen maybe (the sun uphill shines differently) and last but not the least, good energy and vibe to be able to hike all the way.

faithooo says:

Thanks so much for the tips, Jumoke 😊

Yinka says:

Omo Ibadan ki ni show, sho sure ni abula on point

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