13 Sep
Memorial of Grand Jubileee

Exploring Benin Republic: 37 Interesting activities

I joined an amazing group to explore Benin Republic and it was so worth it. I was meeting majority of the people on the trip (including my roommate) for the first time yet I had an amazing time with them.


We arrived our pick up location at Ikeja City mall from our various locations. I was super excited for the journey ahead. We departed Ikeja City Mall and began our journey, we began with Prayer and committing the trip into Gods hands and He kept us and brought us back safely.


We sat in a comfortable coaster bus which was fully air conditioned. While in the bus, we got to introduce ourselves, jist, laugh, smile, listen to music, enjoy the scenery etc.


We passed through a number of areas in Lagos state before we got to Badagry were we made a stop, click here to read more about Badagry. Places in Badagry include 1st story building in Nigeria, the museum, Badagry slave route,French village, whispering palms etc.


We made a stop at Boiling Pot restaurant in Badagry, were we were given hot, delicious jollof rice and meat by Wayfare travels.

boiling pot restaurant Badagry

We also made a stop at the nearby supermarket to buy some snacks and other items we needed.


There were some check points on our way were necessary documents had to be shown.

We arrived Seme border, border checks and protocols were done like stamping of our passports, checking yellow fever card etc.

Fan Dango at seme border

I bought it at Seme border


When we were done, we proceeded to Bureau de change and our currencies were changed. I changed naira to cefa(Benin republic currency) and I got both bank notes and coins.

Benin Republic Currency

Benin Currency: Cefa


You can also purchase a sim card at Bureau de Change.


Afterwards, we began our journey to the hotel in Cotonou, click click here to read about my experience there.


The following day (Day 2), I did some reading and research, went to enjoy the swimming pool after which  we left the hotel to visit Tokpa market and we did some shopping. Tokpa market is big and there are different vendors selling items ranging from clothes, shoes,bags,hair accessories, electronics, household appliances and much more. I bought Ankara and jewellery.

We left the market and went to check out from the hotel. We began Cotonou city tour after we left Hotel La Casa Cielo. Our tour guide Remi showed us different places and stories behind them which included: Nigerian house painted Green and white, USA Embassy, Office of the President, post office, Central Bank, commercial center, conference center(made by the Chinese) etc.

We made a stop at Ervan(their biggest mall) and purchased some Items we needed from the supermarket. I bought croissant and ice-cream.


The population in Benin Republic is about 12.5 million, in Cotonou it is about 2.5 million. Instead of States and Capital like in Nigeria, it is departments and Capital in Benin Republic(their capital city is Port Novo) and they have 7 departments. Instead of Governors like we have in Nigeria, they have Mayors. Their president is Patrice Talon and he is 65 years.


We left Cotonou and journeyed to   Ouidah, on our way, I saw routes leading to Ojegba hotel, Babs dock (which are some other places I have heard of prior to our trip).


We arrived Casa Del Papa in Ouidah, Benin Republic. click here here to read about my experience in the resort. The remaining part of the day was spent arranging my stuff, resting, browsing, taking pictures, vibes,swimming,dinner, enjoying the ocean view, calming waves and sleeping.


Day 3 began, I woke up and took a walk round the resort both the ocean view and sea view sides. Also watched the locals catching fish, had breakfast, played games (games like gerrout(which is a guessing game), snooker, tennis etc.). After games, it was time for Kayaking and it was my first kayaking experience. I was scared at first but I am glad I gave it a try because I really enjoyed it and believe I will be more confident in subsequent ones.

Kayaking at Casa del papa

Kayaking at Casa del papa

After kayaking, we took more pictures, rested and went for dinner.


Day 4 came and Day 4 was for Ouidah city tour. We visited:

Pythons temple: which is sacred in the voodoo culture. We saw: the place for naming ceremony,shrine of god of Iron. I entered the Case des Pythons and saw different Pythons. You will be asked to remove your shoes before going in. There is also a souvenir store here where I bought some souvenir. I did not put the Python on my neck.

Ouidah, Benin Republic

The church is opposite the Python temple

Pythons temple

Temple Du Pythons

Foundation Zinsou Museum: This was our next stop and there are many rooms with different artworks and we were told about the people that made them from different countries.

foundation zinsou

Foundation Zinsou


Sacred Forest: This was our next stop were we saw: a tree of more than 350 years, wild kolanut, God of thunder,dormy agent,new worshipper,Iroko tree, Female and male god of Iron, wife of Sango, Babalowo,worshipper of the pythons etc.It is not all statue they worship, some are contemporary art.

Sacred Forest, Benin Republic

Restaurant: We went to a restaurant called  Maquis Le Pas where I bought chips,sauce and chicken.

Maquis Le Pas restaurant


Slave route: our tour guide told us about the slave route. It started in Benin Republic in the 16th century. Many slaves from Badagry came to Benin Republic and went to: Cuba,Haiti,US,Brazil etc from there. We saw zomachi, gate of no return(which was under construction)

Gate of no return, Ouidah

coconut water in Ouidah

Ouidah, Benin Republic

the Memorial of the Grand Jubilee of 2000(it was commissioned by the Catholic church in the year 2000 to commemorate the arrival of the first Catholic missionaries in Dahomey, an old kingdom covering the present-day Benin which lasted from about 1600 until 1894).

Memorial of Grand Jubilee

Memorial of Grand Jubilee



We went back to the resort when we were done with our tours, rested, did some other things and we had a party in the night at the resort bar which is called Laguna bar. It was a fun night dancing.


Day 5 was the final day and it was time to go home. We had breakfast, packed our things, checked out of the resort and began our journey back home. We listened to good music, enjoyed the scenery etc on our way back.

Our passports were stamped out, other necessary checks were done at the check points as well.

Benin Republic passport stamp


When we got to Boiling pot restaurant because we loved the jollof rice we bought when we were going to Benin Republic, we bought again when we were going back home.

boiling pot restaurant Badagry

We arrived our drop off location Ikeja City Mall and departed to our various locations.

We ended our vacation with Prayer as well.


Other Interesting facts:

  • It is common to find women riding bikes.
  • They sell fuel in bottles.
  • There is no time zone difference between Benin Republic and Nigeria
  • Benin Republic is a french speaking country


This trip was planned and organised by Wayfare travels they are into:  Corporate Travel | Tour | Visa Processing | Flight | Hotel | Group tour | Custom Travel etc. It was my second trip with them , click here to read about the first.


Wayfare also gave us a nice bag pack and in it there was: water,juice, travel adapter, water bottle.

Wayfare Travels

Wayfare Travels


I recommend wayfare’s services, I had a splendid time on both trips, I felt like having extension during both and did not want it to end. It was fun fun all the way. They are really good at what they do. You can contact them on:07037069293, 08065072840 or Instagram (click here ) on or send an email to: hello@wayfare.com.ng. Kindly let them know Faithooo referred you, they will handle your requests very well.


Back to the hustles,lol… kindly read all posts in this series, read all other articles (we are at over 30 Interesting articles) , re -read,share and re-share. God bless you richly.

For videos and more pictures click here


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Have you been to Benin Republic before? If yes please share your experience. If no, will you love to visit? Lets jist in the comments section.





12 Sep
casa del papa resort

Review of Casa Del Papa Resort: 14 Interesting facts

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

Casa Del Papa located in Ouidah, Benin Republic is a beautiful resort which has a reception,a beach,3  swimming pools(2 for adults, 1 for kids), rooms for lodging (which are either ocean view or lake view rooms), plenty chairs to relax , a restaurant, a games center( with tennis, snooker etc.), kayaking, a bar with beautiful lightning(which we had a party in), beautiful trees, a volleyball court, a football pitch and more.

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

Complimentary WiFi is given to guest; daily sumptuous, yummy, delicious buffet breakfast is also complimentary .The buffet breakfast includes: different kinds of bread, cake,pancakes, crepes,sausages,ham,scrambled eggs,chocolate drink,coffee,tea,baked beans,juice(usually it was 2 kinds per day which included:grape juice,pineapple juice etc),puff puff, yogurt,cereal, fruits,butter,chocolate spread,water and more(English breakfast). You could choose to combine as you wanted it since it was a buffet setting.

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

We spent three nights here and I really enjoyed my stay.

The rooms are furnished with: a bed, pillows,chair,television,bed side lamp,air conditioner,shower,toilet,towel,soap,mirrors,zinc,tissue,stools,table,curtain, a safe for keeping valuables, wardrobes,hangers etc. Per person sharing is allowed.

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

We had a complimentary dinner at Casa Del Papa restaurant given by Wayfare on our first night here.

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort


We purchased dinner on the second night,

casa del papa resort

casa del papa resort

and on the third night we purchased dinner from Maquis Le Pas restaurant(after our city tour) which I will talk more on in the subsequent post.

On most days, I did not need Lunch because breakfast kept me full for long as a result of eating variety, so I sometimes will snack with chips,biscuits, pringles etc. for Lunch.

casa del papa resort

For videos and more pictures of moments at the resort click here to enjoy a sweet virtual tour.

This was a 5 days group trip planned and organised by Wayfare travels.They are into: Corporate Travel | Tour | Visa Processing | Flight | Hotel | Group tour | Custom Travel etc. It was my second trip with them, click here to read about the first one. Stay tuned to read the final blog post where I will talk more on how they contributed to making the trip a success.

click here to read about the hotel in Cotonou where we spent the first night on this amazing five days trip.

I will write one more blog post in this series  which is:  A post detailing the experience of our 5 days trip: the journey, places we went, things we did, other things we ate and more.

Have you been to Casa Del Papa before? If yes, please share your experience. If no, will you love to visit?


09 Sep
Hotel La Casa Cielo

Review of Hotel La Casa Cielo:13 Interesting facts

Hotel La Casa Cielo is located in Cotonou, Benin Republic.

Hotel La Casa Cielo

Hotel La Casa Cielo

It is close to Fidjrosse Beach and also not far from Cotonou Cadjehoun airport. It is also close to a couple of embassies. It has a beautiful reception, well furnished rooms(per person sharing is allowed), a restaurant, swimming pool, bar, rooftop beautiful outdoor space. It has an elevator(which could take you to the Ground floor,1st floor, 2nd floor,3rd floor, 4th floor, the 4th floor is where the beautiful rooftop space is) and also staircase depending on which you will like to use.

Hotel La Casa Cielo

Hotel La Casa Cielo

Hotel La Casa Cielo

I had dinner on the first night in the restaurant.

Hotel La Casa Cielo

Also had some chicken but forgot to snap it, the food also came with two kind of sauces.

Complimentary WiFi is given to guests and  yummy, sumptuous, delicious breakfast is also complimentary. My breakfast here was: different kinds of bread,butter,tea,juice,egg etc.)

Hotel La Casa Cielo

Hotel La Casa Cielo

Hotel La Casa Cielo

Hotel La Casa Cielo

The rooms have a television set(with a couple of stations), a bed, pillows,throw pillow, a dustbin, artwork,curtain,an air conditioner, a fridge, tea ingredients, glass cups,a shower, toilet, towels, hair dryer,shampoo,bath gel,body lotion,lights etc.

We spent a day and a half and the time spent was super awesome. I really enjoyed it.

For videos and more pictures of the hotel, click here  . two more blog posts on this trip will be written which are:

(1) Review of Resort: Casa del Papa

(2) A post detailing the experience of our 5 days trip: the journey, places we were went, things we did, other things we ate and more.

This trip was planned and organised by Wayfare travels.They are into: Corporate Travel | Tour | Visa Processing | Flight | Hotel | Group tour | Custom Travel etc. It was my second trip with them, click here to read about the first one.

I will talk more on  the amazing roles they played in making this trip a success in subsequent posts.

Have you been to Hotel La Casa Cielo before? If yes, please share your experience.If,no will you love to visit? Lets chat in the comments section.

20 Aug
Terra Kulture

Visiting Oniru beach and Terra Kulture: 5 Interesting Things we did

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I, my sister and a friend of mine spent a few hours at Oniru beach Lagos(located at:1 Ligali Ayorinde Street,Victoria Island) we walked round the beach,  jisted, took pictures, my friend bought shawarma, I bought coconut water and suya(both chicken and meat), we all needed the unwinding and relaxation, I loved the vibes…

Oniru beach

Oniru beach

Oniru beach

Oniru beach

Oniru beach

We wanted to try the food at moist beach club, its located in the beach as well…we were told an event was ongoing there and also we needed to make reservation ahead to be able to gain access, therefore, we were not allowed in.

As at the time of writing this article, entry fee into Oniru beach is N1000 naira per person, their siting area costs 5000 naira for each umbrella and sits can contain a couple of people. We didn’t seat at their siting area, we sat around where we bought the food items for a short while before proceeding to the next place.

Noticed the beach was very busy… I am thinking its a combination of it being a weekend plus Victoria Island being closer for those that leave on the mainland than Ikate and the various beach clubs located in Ajah as well as la campagne in Ibeju Lekki  etc.

I have written about some other beaches I have visited which include: Laguna beach club, mood lounge and wave beach, lekki lesiure lake, king diamond beach (King diamond is include under the post:Interesting guide on how to explore 5 places in Lagos 

I and my sister proceeded to Terra kulture (located at:Plot 1376 Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island) afterwards to watch the stage play: Sisi Pelebe, it was my second time watching a stage play click here for a detailed review my sister wrote a guest blog post on the first stage play I watched. Sisi Pelebe is about a family and so many challenges they went through. If you watch ‘Am Riona’ a series which is shown weekdays by 8.00pm on African Magic channel 151,  you will  be familiar with most of the characters of the stage play Sisi Pelebe. Some part of the audience on the day we watched, are also cast of ‘Am Riona’ as well as other actresses and actors.

Terra Kulture

Terra Kulture

Terra Kulture

Terra Kulture

Terra Kulture

We also tried out the Terra kulture restaurant, I had the chef special pasta while my sister had club sandwiches, plaintain and sauce (the club sandwiches was supposed to come with fries but she asked if she could have plantain instead and her request was granted). They also sell ofada, village rice etc.  click here to view their Instagram page and check their menu.

Terra Kulture Restaurant

Terra Kulture Restaurant

We also visited the Terra Kulture art gallery.

Terra Kulture

Terra Kukture

I also visited the Terra Kulture bookstore.

click here to visit Terra Kulture’s  website.

I had been wanting to visit, so I was glad I got too.

have you been to Oniru beach before? have you been to Terra Kulture before? If yes, kindly share your experience, If no, will you love to visit?

31 Jul
Olumo Rock

7 Interesting Places to visit in Abeokuta, Ogun State

We(I and a friend of mine: Gloria) arrived at Mobolaji Johnson train station located in Ebute Metta, Lagos, Nigeria on a beautiful Saturday morning. We had looked forward to the trip and we were excited.

Mobolaji Johnson Train station Lagos


We purchased the business class train tickets going and the economy tickets coming back to Lagos because we wanted to experience both, we Initially wanted to purchase business class tickets going and first class tickets coming back but we were told the first class tickets were not available.


The major differences I noticed between the economy cabin coaches and the business class cabin coaches are: The chairs in the business class cabin are finer than economy, the Air conditioners in the business class cabin are more functional than the ones in economy, all rows in business class cabin have tables, only a few in the economy cabin had tables, all rows in the business class cabin were two while in economy some were two and some were three. I also felt there was more leg room in the economy.Generally, the business class cabin is more comfortable, you can decide to try both as well or opt for either.


Business class coach


Economy class coach

The trains have an upper part where luggage’s can be kept, a nurse on board going round to ensure everyone is okay, a cabin crew(they make a stop at Papalanto train station to change cabin crew), a water dispenser etc. The train station in Lagos is really beautiful and it was well organised, from the queue to purchase tickets (waiting area was also spacious, neat and comfortable) to the point of boarding the train. As at the time of writing this article; the cost of Economy train ticket is N2000 naira and business class ticket is 3500 naira going to Abeokuta, while coming back from Abeokuta to Lagos,  Economy ticket was 2000 naira, business class was 3500 naira. Confirm current prices when you want to go as they usually change.

train ticket mobolaji Johnson station

We were glad and happy to see how well the train station is working and we hope the standards are maintained.

The train station in Abeokuta was still under construction.

Wole Soyinka Station, Laderin, Abeokuta.

Wole Soyinka Station, Laderin, Abeokuta.

We booked and paid for a tour guide for our trip, she delivered excellently and did an amazing job.

Obasanjo Presidential Library

She was waiting for us at the train station and welcomed us with yummy, sumptuous, delicious pasta, turkey, sausage, veggies from one of her businesses: The pasta zone. We enjoyed our meal.

The pasta zone

We used a cab service during our stay, booked by our tour guide. We proceeded from the train station while on our way to oopl, our tour guide showed us some places like: Okemson, which is the Secretariat in Abeokuta and our first stop was;

Oopl (Obasanjo presidential Library): really love the work that has gone into the structures here. Pictures and videos are not allowed in most part of the Interior facilities and it will be great if the rule can be adjusted because they were many memories we will have loved to capture and look at them at other times.

Obasanjo Presidential Library

Obasanjo Presidential Library

Oopl has a resort (green legacy resort), bookshops and souvenir store, museums, libraries, theatre, canteen, zoo, amusement park etc. We didn’t go into the resort, zoo  canteen or amusement park (because of time). We toured the museums, libraries,bookshop and souvenir store, theatre(we watched two different documentaries)

Some of the staff at oopl took us on a tour of the facility…oopl is the 1st of its kind in Africa and ranks 14th in the world. We were told the stories about each of the Items we saw. We saw Bailey Bridge:Dam

Bailey Bridge


Then we went into the gallery were we saw Bicycle, various cars, an helicopter, a ship which had been used by former President Obasanjo.

We proceeded to another building were we saw a chart showing the different donors, sponsors that contributed to the formation of the facility, how much they contributed and they were grouped under different categories: Gold, Diamond etc.

On the  first floor; there were two sides right and left we were shown a replica of the Prison former President Olusegun Obasanjo stayed in, sporting activities he loved, (we watched the second documentary here while the first one we watched it at the theatre), there was a section dedicated to Late Mrs Stella Obasanjo(wife of the former President) which showed Initiatives she was involved in during her life, places she travelled to and more.

We also saw tools former President used in his farm, his military uniforms, school certificates and much more. We saw other Items of the former President, artifacts etc.

We also saw the actual seat President Obasanjo used during his time as President in Aso rock, the table was a replica while the seat was the actual one.

Obasanjo Presidential Library

On the presidential seat

Obasanjo Presidential Library

On the presidential seat


It costs 3000 per person for the half tour which took about 2 and a half hours.

Kuti heritage museum: 1st generation and 2nd generation of the Kuti’s museum are two different buildings in the same compound . Our tour guide did the story telling for the 1st generation building while a staff of Kuti Heritage Museum did a tour of the 2nd Generation building. We saw pictures of the different members of the Kuti family. We saw their living room, dining, bedrooms, Kitchen, bathroom etc. It costs  1000 per person.

Kuti museum

kuti museum

Alake palace: We saw only the exterior but not the interior.

Alake Palace

Alake Palace

Centenary hall: We saw only the exterior but not the Interior. Part of the music video Fia by Davido was shot here.

Centenary hall

Centenary hall

Adire mall: We bought Adire.

Adire mall

Olumo rock: It houses an art gallery as well. It costs 1000 per person, they didn’t have a single 1000 ticket when we visited so we bought 2 5oo naira tickets per person.It was my  1st hiking experience and I was so happy, we began climbing the rock, our tour guide was showing us the routes to follow and we took some breaks in between; as we were climbing the rock, It began to rain, I was afraid of slipping and falling; because there are times there have been no obstacles and I have fallen…but I was determined to get to the top rock. (We saw the first mosque in Abeokuta and a general view of Abeokuta from the top of the rock).Therefore, we continued the hike till we got to the top… Super fulfilling time. Check out my Instagram highlights, posts and reels for video on top of the rock and other awesome videos and pictures of the trip. click here to view my Instagram page. We also noticed there was a part going on at the outer space at Olumo rock.

Olumo rock

olumo rock

olumo rock

olumo rock

olumo rock

olumo rock

olumo rock

olumo rock

olumo rock

We also passed through Ogun state government house.

When we were done from Olumo rock, we proceeded to purchase Lunch. We had fire wood rice, plantain and assorted meat for Lunch from Halaga.

We got back to the train station a few minutes to 5 and we were told the train was no longer departing by 5:30p.m but 7:00p.m. We wished we were given the correct Information when we called to confirm. That could have given us an extra hour to explore. Nevertheless, we had an awesome trip and It was worth it.

Initially we wanted 2 days trip but  the train not yet operating on Sunday though we had thought they will start as at when we fixed our trip because we called severally to confirm, our tour guide also Informed us that most places in Abeokuta are not bubbling on Sundays.

We got copies our tour guides book: The Girl Power

Girl power

girl power

girl power

Please note that prices stated here are as at the time of writing this article, prices may vary at a later date so please confirm before proceeding for your trip.

Want contact of our tour guide Nancy? Please signify in the comments section and I will send it to you by mail.

Have you been to Abeokuta before? If yes please share your experience, If no will you love to visit?

Mobolaji Johnson Train Station, Ebute Metta

Our straight faces when we got back, back to the hustles, take us back to the fun

14 Apr

4 Interesting places at Landmark, Lagos: A Review

4 Interesting Places to visit in Landmark: A  Review

I have visited Landmark a couple of times usually to attend social media week and usually some sessions on Travel and Tourism and I also once attended the session on Urban Plus Lady.

Landmark is located at:Plot 2 & 3,(Beach: plot 4) Water Corporation ,Victoria Island.

My most recent visit was to try out a restaurant there. I initially wanted to visit(looking forward to doing so some other time) Landmark beach and also try out Island Breeze inside Landmark beach but on getting there I decided to try out Hardrock cafe.

Hardrock Cafe: I and my sister tried their American burger and it was delicious.

hardrock cafe

hardrock cafe

hardrock cafe

hardrock cafe

hardrock cafe

Bubbletii: I had their mango tango bubble tea, I would love to visit again to try out other flavors because I loved the one I bought.



Popcorn from Genesis Cinemas: My sister bought popcorn from Genesis Cinemas and their large was bigger than the ones being sold at the different cinemas we have been to on the Mainland.

Popcorn from Genesis Cinemas

Spur: I had one of their mocktails: Lemon Daisy and also bought take away(rice, wings and tartar sauce)


Other restaurants in Landmark include: Shiro Lagos, 355, KFC. There is also a pharmacy and some other stores at Landmark.

Have you been to Landmark before? If yes, kindly share your experience, If no, will you love to visit?

P.S: It was my birthday on the 9th of April and It was the first birthday I celebrated since travel blogging became one of the things I do and I love it!

#whnaa(Worship Him now and always), a worship group I started based on a leading will be two (2) on the 1st of May, kindly check through posts on our Instagram page page for some exciting updates and watch out for more exciting updates.

May 17th is my blog anniversary. faithooo.com.ng will be 1 on the 17th of May. Thank you so much for supporting the journey so far. In your spare time, will love if you go through blog posts you have not read, share them, let me know what you love about them, areas you feel can be Improved on, the kind of articles you will love to read going forward, partnerships and collaborations you will love to see and support, giveaways you will like to win, any other contributions…You can either leave a comment here or send an email to me at: faithoooguntayo@gmail.com. Thank you very much.


Value Adding Woman

In the spirit of celebrations, I am sharing some more jpegs…

House of Prayer is located at: , 10A Adewale Kolawole Street, off TF Kuboye street Lekki 1 (right side), by Pinnacle Petrol station Lekki, 2nd roundabout, Lagos. The pictures below were taken there, It is a really nice place and I have visited once recently(same day I visited places above) If it were closer to were I currently live, I’m sure I will have been visiting more often. It is beautiful, serene and I had an awesome time communicating with God, my audience of One. Apart from the room where the pictures below were taken, there are a couple of other rooms which can be booked for Christ centered events, a kitchen, an outside dining area, an area with tabs were sermons, messages and other Christ centered resources can be accessed etc. Worship Him now and always will be having a program there on the 12th of June by God’s grace.

House of Prayer

House of Prayer



23 Mar
Jaekel House

25+ Interesting and Fun Facts Learnt at Jakeal house

Jaekel house is a museum located in the Nigerian Railway Compound, Ebute Metta, Lagos. It was built in 1898. The wall is very strong, made with concrete, bullet cannot easily pass through the wall. It is a museum being run by Legacy. A fee of 1000 naira is being charged for access to the facilities, a tour guide taking you round and explaining the various Items seen, as well as being allowed to take your pictures.

Jaekel House


Jaekel House

Jaekel House

Nigerian Railway has two locomotive: The first is steam(coal and water), the second is: Diesel (Diesel oil). 

Jaekel House

Some of the artefact I saw and their uses include:

Steam: It runs on connecting rods. It is no longer in use because the smoke causes air pollution.

There is a third locomotive which is electric but it is not yet in use.

Coaches: It is used to carry passengers.

Wagon: It is used to carry load and there are two types, the first type is open and It is used to carry non perishable Items, the second type is called  closed because It has a cover on top and It is used to carry perishable Items.

Guard Van: It is located at the end of the train to control the locomotive driver.

Power car: As generator is to our houses, power car is to trains and powers the locomotive; fan, Television, Fridge.

Abturse: Used in drilling holes, the current technology being used is known as electric drilling machine.

Jincrow: Enables the train to turn off a straight road at a bend.

Air Lubricator: pump grease on the bends that train can move freely.

Tran wheel: Used between 1901-1933.

Track for Standard guage: 4:8-wooden slippers.

Track for Narrow guage: 3:6-steel slippers.

Clip: clip slippers to the rail-concrete.

Buffer stop: Safety device to ensure train does not run out of tracks.

Buffer stop


Shaunters: Traffic men.

Running shed: When a train is repaired.

Fridge powered by kerosene.

Coal: Lasts longer than charcoal.

Air Alarm: used most likely at site to alert workers of on coming train.

Waiters seat: More than 90 years and still very strong. I sat on it.

Works of the founder an architect, a University of Lagos, graduate.

Jaekel House

Token key: Authority given to a driver to move on a track.


Olden days phone of only three numbers (2,4 and 8).

Pictures of past rulers.

Jaekel House

Pictures of trains in some part of Nigeria which Include: Bodija, Iwo, Ede, Minna, Gwagwalada, Zaria, Offa, Ilorin, Oshogbo, Kuru, Kafanchan, Lang Langi , Bauchi etc.

Some other Interesting Facts:

  • The first Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is in the Nigerian Railway Compound.
  • Legacy has taken its members to explore Olumo rock and Epe. It costs 5000 per year to be a member for an Individual and 7000 for a family.
  • Maps of various historical site are sold at Legacy for a token of 2500 naira.
  • Kingsway store is where Father Christmas started.
  • Pictures are allowed outside and on the ground floor but pictures are not allowed upstairs because Legacy helps to store some of Federal government property.
  • They are open between 10a.m and 5p.m, Tuesdays to Saturdays. They do not open on Sundays and Mondays.
  • Please note that all prices stated above, are as at the time of writing this article and may vary at a later date, please confirm before making a trip.
  • If you need Mr. Adewale’s number(the facility manager) at Legacy, please leave a comment with your email and I will send it to you by email.  Jaekel house also has a nice garden for picnics, weddings etc. and you can find out more Information on making bookings from Mr. Adewale.

Have you been to Jaekel  house before? If yes, what was your experience like? If no, will you love to visit? I will love to hear from you in the comments section.

Jaekel House

18 Feb
Travel Quotes

23 Interesting travel quotes and their authors

In this post, I will be sharing some travel quotes and their authors.

Travel Quotes



















Which of these travel quotes did you know before? Which travel quotes do you love that are not in this post? Let’s chat in the comments section.
15 Feb

31 Interesting Travel words and their Meanings

I would be defining various travel words in this post and for this blog post to serve as a micro mini dictionary for travel words. Lets start with defining travel.

travel words

(1) Travel: Travel means to move from one place to another either by road, rail, air, water etc.

(2) MICE Travel: MICE in the context of travel is an acronym for: meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions.

(3) Business Travel: This is the kind of travel done for work or business pursuits.

(4) Leisure Travel: This is travel for vacation, recreation, holiday etc.

(5) Bleisure Travel: This is combining work travel and leisure travel in the same trip.

(6) Gap year. A gap year is time out to travel  between life stages. It is also known as a sabbatical, time off, time out and a year out, referring to a period of time in which people disengage from curricular education and/or work and undertake activities such as traveling, volunteering or working abroad.(definitions.net).

(7) Solo Travel: To travel to another destination alone.

(8) Group Travel: To travel to another destination with other people.

(9) Travel Agency: A business/company that helps a traveler plan their trip. Such as obtaining their visas, hotel bookings, flight tickets, tours, airport transfers, passport renewals.

(10) Travel Agent: A travel agent works for/at a Travel Agency.

(11) A tour operator :is an organization, firm, or person who is responsible for the actual arrangement of transport and accommodation facilities on any tour or vacations. They are also responsible for operating and providing vacation through contracting, booking, and packaging together of the various components of the tour such as hotel, transportation, meals, guides, optional tours, and sometimes flights. (Tourism notes.com)

(12) Destination marketing (or marketing of a place): is a managerial process, a demand driven research, advertising and communication activity with the focus on potential external consumers. It mainly focuses on attraction of visitors – tourists, investors, university students or skilled labor force.”

(13) A Travel Blogger: Someone that curates and tells travel stories; talks about  travel destinations, gives tips and hacks, promotes tourist destinations and other components of travel, visa processes, accomodation, restaurants, “how to” posts and much more.

(14) A Travel Vlogger: Someone who does the work of a travel blogger in video form.

(15) Wanderlust: A strong desire/passion to see as many parts of the world as possible.

(16) Globe Trotting: To travel widely to a lot of countries and spend a lot of time travelling to different parts of the world.

(17) Peregrinate :To travel or wander around from place to place.

(18) Fernweh: An urge to travel even stronger than wanderlust

(19)Solivagant: Wandering alone

(20)Eudaimonia : The contented happy state you feel when you travel

(21)Gadabout : A person who travels often or to many different places for pleasure

(22)Serendipity: Finding something good without looking for it.

(23)Sehnsucht : A wistful longing and yearning in the heart for travels that have been and travels to come.

(24)Resfeber: The restless race of a traveler’s heart before the journey begins; The tangled feeling of fear and excitement before a journey begins.

(25)Querencia:  A place where one feels safe, A place where one feels at home.

(26)Coddiwomple :To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

(27)Hodophile : A lover of roads. One who loves to travel.

(28)Wayfarer: Someone who travels, especially on foot.

(29)Thalassophile: Someone who loves the sea, ocean; A lover of the ocean.

(30)Morii: The desire to capture a fleeting moment

(31) Airbnb (short for Air Beds and Breakfast): is a marketplace that connects travelers with local property owners. Airbnb is an online marketplace which lets people rent out their properties or spare rooms to guests. Airbnb takes a commission on every booking.


Other words (most of which are more familiar)Include: hotels, hostels, flight tickets, visa, passport, airlines, airplanes, helicopters, tourist attractions, mountains, hiking, seas, beaches, water parks, rides, kayaking, boat cruise, camping, train, tours etc.


Which of these words are you seeing for the first time? What are some travel words you love that are not featured in this post? Time to hear from you in the comments section.

04 Feb

A visit to the largest art gallery in West Africa

Did you know? That the largest art gallery in West Africa is Nike Art gallery?

Nike Art Gallery

I visited Nike art gallery and prior to my visit, I did not know I could be so wowed!! by art. Nike art gallery is located at: No. 2, Elegushi Road, 3rd Roundabout, Epe Expressway, Ikate Cross Road, Lekki Phase 1 Peninsula, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria. There are also other branches in Abuja, Oshogbo and Ogidi Ijumu.

Nike Art Gallery

Entry into the Nike art gallery as well as tour of the gallery is free. You will only need to pay if you are purchasing any of the art work, books( Lagos Travel Guide by Sassy Funke as well as other books are on sale at the gallery),stationeries etc.

Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery

Nike art gallery is owned by: Nike Davies-Okundaye click here to read more about her and the gallery.

Nike Art Gallery

They are opened between 10a.m and 6p.m everyday.

Nike Art Gallery

Some of the rules Include: 

  • You are not allowed to take pictures of only the art work but you can take pictures with the art work.
  • Videos are not allowed
  • If you are with a toddler, you will need to sign an undertaken that he/she wont destroy any of the art works.

You need to visit to be able to fully appreciate the beauty.

Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery

Have you been to Nike Art Gallery before? If yes please share your experience, If no, will you love to visit?

p.s: If you will be Interested in a daycation to La campagne Tropicana with me and other fun buddies (at cost price) on the 13th or 20th February(depends on which Saturday has the higher number of people available), please send an email to: faithoooguntayo@gmail.com signifying your Interest, thank you and feel free to share with anyone you think might be Interested.