Laguna Beach

8 Interesting things to do at Laguna beach

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No, not the Laguna water park in Dubai . There is Laguna beach club in Lagos, Nigeria. On Saturday 2nd January I had a nice time with some other amazing people at Laguna Beach, Okun Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria. Okun Ajah road is home to a number of other beaches which include: Atican beach, Barracuda beach, Santa Cruz, Redline beach resort, King Diamond beach etc. I have previously been to King diamond beach. Looking forward to visiting the others.

I had looked forward to going to Laguna Beach Club and I was excited to go there, we had an awesome time.

8 Interesting things to do at Laguna Beach:

(1) Relax, chill, calm your nerves by the beach: You can do so either in the cabanas or at the pool side sitting areas.

(2) Swim: Laguna beach has a swimming pool, so if you will love to swim, feel free to pack your swimming costumes/ swimming trunks, change into them when you are ready and dive into the pool.

(3) Enjoy the platters/ other items on their menu: Their platters include: chicken wings, chicken lap, asun, yam, sauce, ketchup ,coleslaw, mosa etc. and prices differ based on group size. You can request for plates to share the platters as well as serviettes. Also, if you buy drinks from them, you can request for paper cups and ice which is already included in the fee. The platters was yummy, sumptuous and delicious, though I felt quantity should have been more than it was for the price allocated to it and the number of people it was to feed.

Laguna Beach

(4) Take pictures: Laguna beach is very beautiful, its somewhere I will love to visit again. It has nice wall designs and other spots for taking pictures.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach


(5) Dance: There is a DJ at Laguna. You can dance and also make videos

(6) Play Table Tennis: You can play Table Tennis at Laguna beach with friends.

(7) Hangout with friends and family

(8) Play card/ board games:  You can bring your board games and play them.

We played fill in the Black (a guessing game for black people and those who love them, designed by TVP Adventures). You can also play other board games like: scrabble, chess, monopoly, WHOT etc.

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Have you been to Laguna beach before? If yes, please share your experience, if No, will you love to visit? 

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