03 Oct
Lekki Conservation Center

8 Interesting things to do at Lekki Conservation Center

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Earlier in the week ( precisely Sunday 27th of September 2020) we celebrated world Tourism day.

world tourism day


I and a couple of friends visited Lekki Conservation Center on Saturday September 26th 2020 but guess what? It rained…It started raining while some of us were on our way and some of us were already there. When we got there, we thought that we will be allowed after the rain stopped. However, we were told that it was not safe to go through the board walk while it was still wet, and it’s the board walk that leads to the canopy walk (which is the longest canopy walk in Africa!) and some of the floor games.

Lekki Conservation Center

Lekki Conservation Center

The following day, it did not rain and it was still weekend, it did not also rain on 1st of October which is a public holiday in Nigeria because it is Independence day. We would however make our next visit to Lekki Conservation Center during dry season/ harmattan season since there is no way we can determine if it will rain or not if we go on another day during raining season.


Here are the the things we got up to and you can try out while you are there:

Networking: I had invited friends to be a part of the hangout and they in turn invited some of their friends; so we got to meet new people, interact and gist about some aspects of life; I love jist so it was an exciting time for me and I’m pretty sure others enjoyed it as well. We introduced ourselves,talked a bit about some of the things we do in career, business and creative aspects and more…

Lekki Conservation Center

Enjoying Nature: Enjoyed the beautiful scenes at Lekki Conservation Center and also got to see some of the animals: monkeys and a peacock. When you are there, hide your edibles from the monkeys when you see them approaching because they can come and grab them, also protect your phone and other valuables as well.

Lekki Conservation Center



Picnic with good food: We had finger foods, a main meal,drinks and water during the hangout as well as drinks and water. The food was sumptuous and delicious, very well enjoyed while we wined and dined.


Taking pictures and videos: They were beautiful spots to take nice pictures which we did. Click click here  and click on LCC to view more pictures and videos.

Memories are very important. They remind us of people, stories, cultures, places, feelings, experiences etc


Lekki Conservation Center



Learning new things: Learnt new things about Wetland, Mona Monkeys, Fish species etc. For instance, over one billion people make a living from wetlands.

We saw the start of the board walk but we were not able to walk through because it was wet. On our next visit we would love to:

Walk through the board walk

Walk through the Canopy walk

Play the floor games

I look forward to also sharing the experience afterwards.

Have you heard about Lekki Conservation Center? Have you been to Lekki Conservation? If you have been to Lekki Conservation Center what was your experience like? If you have not been to Lekki Conservation Center do you look forward to going there?



On my 2nd visit to Lekki Conservation Center (which is shown in the pictures below) , did the long board walk up to the start of the canopy walk twice,  and another long board walk from the canopy walk to the picnic area once.
Enjoyed the suya and coconut 🥥 water 💧😋👌😍 sold there.
They were also selling popcorn 🍿and shawarma.
It’s a large family pack with different huts  for different groups.
They say the 😁 the 3rd time is a charm. Do you agree?
Hoping to do the canopy walk from start to finish on the 3rd visit 🙏😀😬
P.S: Club house is now available for android users.
I joined : click here to connect with me there.
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
My third visit to Lekki Conservation center was to attend the NTL (Nigerian Tourism Lovers) 2021 hangout. I was nominated and accepted to serve as the General Secretary of the committee. I still wasn’t able to do the canopy walk, in between doing a lot of running around to help with the event being successful, I didn’t go on it. Hopefully, I will get on it on my fourth visit.
Amarachi says:

Looks like you guys still had fun despite the rain. LCC is one of my favourite spots to hang out in Lagos. You should definitely return to experience it in full.

faithooo says:

Yes we did and we look forward to visiting again to get the full experience. Thank you.

KOHNER3732 says:

Thank you!!1

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