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An Instagram Live Session: 10+ Interesting Questions Vera Answered+extra jist

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I had an Interesting Instagram live session with @iamverafrank , for the replay:click here

Instagram live with @iamverafrank Instagram live with @iamverafrank

Instagram live with @iamverafrank

The questions she answered includes:

  • What Ignited your love/passion for travel and tourism?
  • Where there things you did or steps you took that helped you connect with a spouse that loves to explore like you?
  • How viable do you think it is monetizing your travel passion and combining/balancing it with other career paths?
  • How important do you think collaborating/partnering with other travel enthusiasts is?
  • What are tools that have helped you create valuable, aesthetically pleasing, interesting contents both on Instagram and on YouTube?
  • What advice will you give someone that will love to become a travel  vlogger or create travel contents generally?
  • What has helped you grow your audience?
  • Any other tips, advice, suggestions, recommendations?

She also answered some questions from the audience and I did a couple of giveaways.

Thank you so much Vee. I totally enjoyed the session and the audience did as well.

Vera has an amazing YouTube channel. She has created contents from tourist attractions in different states in Nigeria which include: Lagos, Oyo, Kwara,Osun,Abuja, Akwa Ibom etc. Some of the places in this states she has created content from include: Lekki conservation center, Bogobiri house, Almat farms, UniIlorin Dam, Nike guest house, Bowers tower, University of Ibadan zoo, Magic land and more. You should check out her YouTube channel and Instagram page, you will love the contents.

Her contents on bogobiri as well as Amarachi of travelwithapen 25+ fun places to visit in Lagos as well as Erico Trips commenting on my Nike art gallery blog post that I should visit Nimbus next gallery next all inspired me to visit.

Some places I visited in Lagos in pictures:


Gourmet twist
Gourmet twist for some banana  bread.


Gourmet twist


Teastoria for some bubble tea.

Teastoria teastoria

Bogobiri house and Nimbus Art Gallery:

Nimbus Art gallery Nimbus Art gallery


bogobiri house bogobiri house

bogobiri house Nimbus Art gallery

Ndubisi Kanu Park:

Ndubisi Kanu Park: Ndubisi Kanu Park:


Where you at the Instagram live or have you watched the replay? Did you love the nuggets shared and which did you love the most?

Have you been to any of the places above, If yes how was your experience? If, no will you love to visit? Let us jist in the comments section

6 thoughts on “An Instagram Live Session: 10+ Interesting Questions Vera Answered+extra jist”

  1. Yaaay!! Thank you so much for having me, Faith. I really enjoyed the session. Hoping to do more awesome things with you in the nearest future.


    1. Thank you 💚 😊 ☺ so much Vera for sharing a lot of nuggets. I really enjoyed it too. Looking forward to doing more awesomeeee things with you as well soon.

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