18 Feb
Travel Quotes

23 Interesting travel quotes and their authors

In this post, I will be sharing some travel quotes and their authors. (1)“TRAVEL MAKES ONE MODEST, YOU SEE WHAT

15 Feb

31 Interesting Travel words and their Meanings

I would be defining various travel words in this post and for this blog post to serve as a micro

04 Feb

A visit to the largest art gallery in West Africa

Did you know? That the largest art gallery in West Africa is Nike Art gallery? I visited Nike art gallery

13 Jan

Interesting update: win a free return International flight ticket

Yes!!! Stand a chance to win return International flight tickets or other prizes. I am excited about this. Hope you

09 Jan
Laguna Beach

8 Interesting things to do at Laguna beach

No, not the Laguna water park in Dubai . There is Laguna beach club in Lagos, Nigeria. On Saturday 2nd January

06 Jan
Pondicheri Restaurant

5 Interesting Restaurants I visited In Lagos in Dec 2020

I first wanted to update the post: Review of 35 Interesting Restaurants In Lagosbut then I decided I should make a

31 Dec

2020: Year In Review

I am writing this article on the last day in the year 2020! I’m grateful to God for this year

09 Dec

8 Interesting things to do at Lekki leisure beach

Phew! Lagos can be unpredictable when it comes to traffic situation , It was a Sunday and the roads are

01 Dec

10 Interesting things to do at Wave beach and Mood lounge

I visited wave beach and mood Lounge in Elegushi. I was there to attend the hangout organized by my university

19 Nov

Review of 35 Interesting Restaurants In Lagos

Looking for sumptuous, delicious, yummy meals to try out? Read through this post. In my family, we have treat meals