18 Mar

Conversations around women and travel in celebration of womens month

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I had an Instagram live session with Amarachi Ekekwe, kindly: click here for the replay.
Amarachi has taken various kinds of adventures, her blog: travel with a pen(click here to read) is a wealth of resources where she shares a lot of valuable information including: applying for visas to various countries, her adventures, year in Review, solo adventures, adventures with her husband(who she met while travelling as well),group adventures, cost breakdown, places explored, food, accommodation options, travel Insurance and so much moreeeee.
The questions she answered during the Instagram Live session include:
1) How did you develop the confidence to try couchsurfing as a female solo traveler and conquer the fears of the risks involved?
2) How have you been able to have awesome solo trips and what is your advice for women who want to take solo trips but have some reservations?
Women and Travel
3) What are the benefits of solo travel for Women?
4) From your experience so far, do you think racism while travelling is worse with women or with men and do you think there are reasons for this?
5) This year’s #IWD theme is #embraceequity, what are the ways women can achieve this while travelling, in their careers, home, businesses etc.
6) Are there things you did/ steps you took that helped you connect with a life partner that loves going on adventures like you do? And what advice do you have for a woman hoping for same, if yes.
7) It seems women travel more than men, do you think there are any reason(s) for this?
8) What are your best travel tips for women?
Women and Travel
9) What advice will you give to a newbie female travel blogger?
10) What are your top safety tips for women who want to travel the world?
11) What are your top money tips for women who want to be able to afford to travel the world?
12) What and what has inspired your consistency in delivering aesthetically pleasing, valuable contents on travelwithapen and your social media platforms and what tools have helped you achieve this?
13) How do you navigate a hostile environment while on a solo trip?
Thanks so much Amarachi for being a SuperB! guest on this Instagram live session.

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