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Exploring Benin Republic: 37 Interesting activities

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I joined an amazing group to explore Benin Republic and it was so worth it. I was meeting majority of the people on the trip (including my roommate) for the first time yet I had an amazing time with them.

We arrived our pick up location at Ikeja City mall from our various locations. I was super excited for the journey ahead. We departed Ikeja City Mall and began our journey, we began with Prayer and committing the trip into Gods hands and He kept us and brought us back safely.

We sat in a comfortable coaster bus which was fully air conditioned. While in the bus, we got to introduce ourselves, jist, laugh, smile, listen to music, enjoy the scenery etc.

We passed through a number of areas in Lagos state before we got to Badagry were we made a stop, click here to read more about Badagry. Places in Badagry include 1st story building in Nigeria, the museum, Badagry slave route,French village, whispering palms etc.

We made a stop at Boiling Pot restaurant in Badagry, were we were given hot, delicious jollof rice and meat by Wayfare travels.

boiling pot restaurant Badagry

We also made a stop at the nearby supermarket to buy some snacks and other items we needed.

There were some check points on our way were necessary documents had to be shown.

We arrived Seme border, border checks and protocols were done like stamping of our passports, checking yellow fever card etc.

Fan Dango at seme border
I bought it at Seme border

When we were done, we proceeded to Bureau de change and our currencies were changed. I changed naira to cefa(Benin republic currency) and I got both bank notes and coins.

Benin Republic Currency

Benin Currency: Cefa

You can also purchase a sim card at Bureau de Change.

Afterwards, we began our journey to the hotel in Cotonou, click click here to read about my experience there.

The following day (Day 2), I did some reading and research, went to enjoy the swimming pool after which  we left the hotel to visit Tokpa market and we did some shopping. Tokpa market is big and there are different vendors selling items ranging from clothes, shoes,bags,hair accessories, electronics, household appliances and much more. I bought Ankara and jewellery.

We left the market and went to check out from the hotel. We began Cotonou city tour after we left Hotel La Casa Cielo. Our tour guide Remi showed us different places and stories behind them which included: Nigerian house painted Green and white, USA Embassy, Office of the President, post office, Central Bank, commercial center, conference center(made by the Chinese) etc.

We made a stop at Ervan(their biggest mall) and purchased some Items we needed from the supermarket. I bought croissant and ice-cream.

The population in Benin Republic is about 12.5 million, in Cotonou it is about 2.5 million. Instead of States and Capital like in Nigeria, it is departments and Capital in Benin Republic(their capital city is Port Novo) and they have 7 departments. Instead of Governors like we have in Nigeria, they have Mayors. Their president is Patrice Talon and he is 65 years.

We left Cotonou and journeyed to   Ouidah, on our way, I saw routes leading to Ojegba hotel, Babs dock (which are some other places I have heard of prior to our trip).

We arrived Casa Del Papa in Ouidah, Benin Republic. click here here to read about my experience in the resort. The remaining part of the day was spent arranging my stuff, resting, browsing, taking pictures, vibes,swimming,dinner, enjoying the ocean view, calming waves and sleeping.

Day 3 began, I woke up and took a walk round the resort both the ocean view and sea view sides. Also watched the locals catching fish, had breakfast, played games (games like gerrout(which is a guessing game), snooker, tennis etc.). After games, it was time for Kayaking and it was my first kayaking experience. I was scared at first but I am glad I gave it a try because I really enjoyed it and believe I will be more confident in subsequent ones.

Kayaking at Casa del papa

Kayaking at Casa del papa

After kayaking, we took more pictures, rested and went for dinner.

Day 4 came and Day 4 was for Ouidah city tour. We visited:

Pythons temple: which is sacred in the voodoo culture. We saw: the place for naming ceremony,shrine of god of Iron. I entered the Case des Pythons and saw different Pythons. You will be asked to remove your shoes before going in. There is also a souvenir store here where I bought some souvenir. I did not put the Python on my neck.

Ouidah, Benin Republic
The church is opposite the Python temple

Pythons temple

Temple Du Pythons

Foundation Zinsou Museum: This was our next stop and there are many rooms with different artworks and we were told about the people that made them from different countries.

foundation zinsou

Foundation Zinsou

Sacred Forest: This was our next stop were we saw: a tree of more than 350 years, wild kolanut, God of thunder,dormy agent,new worshipper,Iroko tree, Female and male god of Iron, wife of Sango, Babalowo,worshipper of the pythons etc.It is not all statue they worship, some are contemporary art.

Sacred Forest, Benin Republic

Restaurant: We went to a restaurant called  Maquis Le Pas where I bought chips,sauce and chicken.

Maquis Le Pas restaurant

Slave route: our tour guide told us about the slave route. It started in Benin Republic in the 16th century. Many slaves from Badagry came to Benin Republic and went to: Cuba,Haiti,US,Brazil etc from there. We saw zomachi, gate of no return(which was under construction)

Gate of no return, Ouidah

coconut water in Ouidah

Ouidah, Benin Republic

the Memorial of the Grand Jubilee of 2000(it was commissioned by the Catholic church in the year 2000 to commemorate the arrival of the first Catholic missionaries in Dahomey, an old kingdom covering the present-day Benin which lasted from about 1600 until 1894).

Memorial of Grand Jubilee

Memorial of Grand Jubilee

We went back to the resort when we were done with our tours, rested, did some other things and we had a party in the night at the resort bar which is called Laguna bar. It was a fun night dancing.

Day 5 was the final day and it was time to go home. We had breakfast, packed our things, checked out of the resort and began our journey back home. We listened to good music, enjoyed the scenery etc on our way back.

Our passports were stamped out, other necessary checks were done at the check points as well.

Benin Republic passport stamp

When we got to Boiling pot restaurant because we loved the jollof rice we bought when we were going to Benin Republic, we bought again when we were going back home.

boiling pot restaurant Badagry

We arrived our drop off location Ikeja City Mall and departed to our various locations.

We ended our vacation with Prayer as well.

Other Interesting facts:

  • It is common to find women riding bikes.
  • They sell fuel in bottles.
  • There is no time zone difference between Benin Republic and Nigeria
  • Benin Republic is a french speaking country

This trip was planned and organised by Wayfare travels they are into:  Corporate Travel | Tour | Visa Processing | Flight | Hotel | Group tour | Custom Travel etc. It was my second trip with them , click here to read about the first.

Wayfare also gave us a nice bag pack and in it there was: water,juice, travel adapter, water bottle.

Wayfare Travels

Wayfare Travels

I recommend wayfare’s services, I had a splendid time on both trips, I felt like having extension during both and did not want it to end. It was fun fun all the way. They are really good at what they do. You can contact them on:07037069293, 08065072840 or Instagram (click here ) on or send an email to: Kindly let them know Faithooo referred you, they will handle your requests very well.

Back to the hustles,lol… kindly read all posts in this series, read all other articles (we are at over 30 Interesting articles) , re -read,share and re-share. God bless you richly.

For videos and more pictures click here

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Have you been to Benin Republic before? If yes please share your experience. If no, will you love to visit? Lets jist in the comments section.

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