How to start a website

How to start your website: 15 things you need to know

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How to start a website

(1) Pray: As a Jesus girl, the first step I would recommend for any decision to take in life, Is to pray about it, seek God’s face and commit what you want to do in Gods hands.

((2)  Know the reasons or some of the reasons you want to start a website: Ask yourself, why do I want to start and own a website, why do I want to start it now? What are the pros and cons? Etc.

(3)  Think of the domain name option(s): Think of the domain name you want to use ,search to see if the domain name is available and purchase the domain name if it is available.

(4) Purchase Hosting: Just like you leave in a house, your website needs a house to leave in and that’s why you need to buy hosting from a hosting company click here to view whogohost  various hosting plans and other services and purchase the ones that best suits your needs. I have enjoyed whogohost services thus far, their customer service is so on point and always willing to assist with any questions, clarifications etc. After purchasing, you will be given your  C-panel login details.

(5) Install WordPress: There are other platforms like wix, blogger, tumblr, typepad etc. but WordPress is usually preferred. You can install WordPress by visiting Softaculous on your Cpanel dashboard.

(6)  Pick/Purchase a theme: You can either  choose to use a free theme from the free theme option or buy a customized theme based on your budget and preferences.

(7)  Design a Logo: Prior to me designing my website Logo by myself, I will have thought it was a task I will outsource because I don’t feel I’m artistically Inclined, however, after going through the introductory series of training by Students pal on digital skills, graphics design and web development, I was able to do a few designs by myself, so I used to design by Logo. You can also try out Canva, I have also used Canva to make a few of the designs that are on my website.

(8)  Research: Asides the trainings, I spent ample time researching online on how to go about building my website through reading articles on google, watching YouTube tutorials etc.

(9)  Install plug Ins: Install the necessary plug ins needed on your site, some of which might include: email subscribers opt in, social share icons, Jet pack etc.

(10) Pages: Decide on the number of pages you want to have, their titles and what their contents will be.

(11) Blog: Have a blog section which is where you will be able to write and edit articles from your website.

(12) Co Schedule: Use to analyze your various headline options before posting them, when your headlines are S.E.O friendly, more people get to see your post and visit your site. I will suggest having a headline score of 70 and above since 70 was A during undergrad, If one headline seems to have a low score, you can try other headlines within the same context of the topic you want to talk about.

However, if you are getting between 60-70 for some of your posts, I think you are still good to go.

So far, I have seen that list headlines usually have higher scores.

(13)   Use alt tag for your media: When uploading your pictures in your articles, use the alt tag feature, you can also use the title, caption and description boxes (if you have more details), this helps to make your posts more visible when information is being searched for on search engines.

(14)   Ask for help: I asked for assistance from those I know built their website themselves especially those in niche I’m currently focused on. They proffered assistance where I needed their assistance.

(15) Follow up with subscribers: Asides automatic post updates that will be sent to subscribers, you can follow up with subscribers by sending newsletters to them. There are various mailing platforms you can use, some of which include: MailChimp, Sendfox and Converkit. I currently use Converkit and you are allowed to have up to 1000 subscribers without having to pay for the premium service. When your subscribers are more than 1000, that’s when you start paying. Through your newsletters, you can share information and updates with your subscribers on products and services, deals, promos, discounts, other information etc.

The full process of building your website requires time and patience. I do hope this summary helped? Please let me know in the comments section.

Also, if you need more help with your website, send me an email at:

Also, if you need more customized and advanced functions and sections for your website, then you will need the services of a web developer and or a web designer, please also send me an email at: and I will make some recommendations after sending some sample of the work previously done by the recommendations.

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The CEO was awarded Young Person of the Year by Young Entrepreneurs International Summit (YEIS)

Web hosting

Web hosting

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