29 May

Interesting guide on how to explore 5 places in Lagos

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Earlier in the week, precisely Monday 25th May, we celebrated Africa Day! Africa is a blessed continent and I am proud to be an African. To celebrate Africa ,please do share in the comments section: amazing experiences you have had in an African country it could be your home country or any other African countries(s) as it relates to tourism(which could be food tourism;tours;travel;locals of a community;airlines;airbnbs;hotels etc.)

This post will be focusing on some  places to visit in Lagos and how to explore them.

(1) Upbeat Center: Located at 11 Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos is West Africa’s first trampoline park and recreation center. There are different activities to do for fitness, fun, leisure etc

I went to Upbeat with my sister. On arrival you will be asked to sign a waiver if you are up to 18. For children below 18, a parent or guardian will complete the process for them. Afterwards, we joined the queue to purchase our tickets. The tickets gives access to the trampoline section for an hour and comes with socks.After payment, we were asked to secure our valuables in a locker.Afterwards, we were asked to watch a safety video.

When we were done watching the safety video, we were allowed into the trampoline section. I did the trampoline jumping, playing on the foam pit, attempted to play trampoline basketball etc.

Other facilities available at upbeat centre include: restaurant, virtual reality, outdoor basketball court, retail space for lease for events, football pitch, go kart etc. Going to Upbeat center is a good way to have fun, exercise, burn some calories etc

UpbeatUpbeat CentreUpbeat CentreUpbeat Centre

Upbeat CentreUpbeat CentreUpbeat Centre

Upbeat Centre


(2) Rufus and Bee: Located at twin waters, Okunde Blue waters scheme off Remi Olowude Street,Eti-Osa,Lekki is a game arcade with over 100 interesting games. Some of the games come with rewards which could either be winning a prize or reloading the buzz card with more coins. Tickets are of different prices depending on the number of coins you want, you will also purchase a buzz card, which can be re used on your other visits to Rufus and Bee.

It also has a bowling alley, a sports bar/restaurant where you can watch football and eat. I went to Rufus and Bee with my sister and a friend.

Rufus and Bee

Rufus and Bee

Rufus and Bee

Rufus and Bee

Rufus and BeeRufus and BeeRufus and Bee

Rufus and Bee



(3) Omu Resort: Located at Bogije town; almost opposite Lakowe Lakes Golf course, Ibeju Lekki has a variety of things to do and different ticket prices depending on the activities you want to pay for (tickets include: Gold, Platinum, Prime and Super Prime)

Activities in Omu resort includes: Rides at the amusement park(which includes: ferry wheel, gully deep, chain ride, umbrella ride), zoo, sea world, antique museum wax museum, mini golf, water park, swimming pool, mechanical bull riding, kiddies play area,outdoor fun, roller skating,Kayaking,Quad bike, boat cruise, archery etc. I went to Omu resort with some of my friends

Omu resort

Omu resortOmu resortOmu resort

Omu resortOmu resortOmu resort

Omu resortOmu resortOmu resort

Omu resortOmu resortOmu resort

Omu resortOmu resortOmu resort

(4) Badagry: Known for the slave trade to foreigners. I went to Badagry with my mum and sister. A tour guide took us to the 1st story building in Nigeria, the museum, Badagry slave route etc




(5) Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park:(JJT): Located at Alausa,Ikeja,Lagos. It is a free park and has free wifi too. i went there with a few friends. You can have a picnic, there is a play area for children, food court available,large chess board different places to take pictures such as: statue, Tinubu’s face etc

Johnson Jakande Tinubu ParkJohnson Jakande Tinubu ParkJohnson Jakande Tinubu Park

Other places include:visiting the different malls to shop,eat,virtual reality, cinema(this i do a number times and its affordable especially when you go on promo days;usually more expensive during festive seasons)

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Different beaches in Lagos include: Oniru Private beach, La campagne Tropicana, Chaka beach resort, Jara beach resort, barracuda beach resort, Atican beach, king diamond beach, Landmark beach and more . I have been to some of these beaches.Looking forward to visiting the beaches i have not visited as well as Lekki Conservation center; Lufasi Nature Park etc

King Diamond Beach

King Diamond Beach

Which of these places have you visited? What was your experience like? Please do share in the comment section.

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Yinka says:

May the good LORD allow us go back to those fun days in JESUS mighty name amen

Oluwaseun Togun says:

Rufus and bee, I miss so much. Can’t wait to go another time.

Stephanie says:

Oh my God… Amazing!
You won’t believe I’ve lived all my life in Lagos and I only know about Rufus and bee, badagry and omu resort… But I’ve only been to Rufus and bees…
This is so insightful I also think you should do a collab with this Nigerian blogger ericotrips, he also writes about places like this in Nigeria… That would be fun.

I’m glad about the new knowledge and I look forward to you exploring after COVID19.Thank you for reading 😊

Thanks for the suggestion too

Mary says:

This is a good read. I CANNOT wait to visit some of these wonderful places.

Thank you for reading😊. Looking forward to hearing your experience

This is a good list, you should include art galleries too.

faithooo says:

Thank you and thanks for the suggestion too

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