Interesting news:stand a chance to win an expense paid trip to Morocco with these 5 easy steps

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How will you love to win an expense paid trip to Morocco? Exciting right?

Have you also thought of  doing some of your visa applications yourself without having to pay agency fees? Then you are in the right place!

Views of the High Atlas Mountains from Skoura Morocco

Learn from some Tourism/travel Industry professionals in an online course for a small token. You will learn tips, tricks, hacks, know what and what not to write in your next visa applications, get the opportunity to ask the facilitators questions and much more.

Ait Benhaddou – Ancient city in Morocco North Africa

You also stand a chance to win an expense paid trip to Morocco !


  • This is a partnership with some amazing Industry professionals.
  • I earn a commission if you purchase the course at no extra cost to you, thanks for your support.
  • If I am the highest selling partner, I get to travel to Morocco with one person that purchased from me.
Colorful Moroccan cooking pots at a souk in Marrakech. A tajine is a Maroccan dish from that is named after the special earthenware pot in which it is cooked.

In addition, do share this blog post with your network (family, friends etc). If any one you referred, purchases through you, I will be given you 40 percent of the earnings on the sale of the person that bought through you. If it is multiple people, 40 percent from each person that brought  through you.

Alleyway in Chefchaouen, Morocoo

You are elated right? Go ahead and purchase and share with as many people as possible so we can learn about visa applications, I can become the highest selling partner and I can get to take one person that bought from me with me on an expense paid trip to Morocco.

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If you purchase and/ or anyone you refer purchases, Kindly send an email to me at: to let me know, with proof of purchasing the course i.e a screenshot of the email you received after purchasing the course.

Lets win together in 2022 and beyond. Cheers!

Have you been to Morroco before? If yes please share your experience and if yes will love to re-visit. If no will you love to visit Morocco? Also can you relate with the struggles of some visa applications? Will you love to learn from Industry professionals who have recorded high success rate of visa applications over the years? Let us have a conversation in the comments section.

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