22 Aug
Tourism and Economic Development

One on One Tourism Jist with NTL

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The leaders of the Nigerian Tourism Lovers group invited me to be the guest for the August 2023 One on One Gist, honoured, thank you NTL.

Here is the brief description of myself I gave :My name is Faith Adebimpe Oguntayo, fondly called: Faithooo. I am an accountant,  a travel blogger and travel enthusiasts(I write valuable travel articles on my website (www.faithooo.com.ng) ,  budding management consultant ,a volunteer, Convener:Worship Him now and always etc. 😁


I have a dream to eventually visit every country in the world.


Thanks for inviting me NTL.


I attended: Building blocks Montessori: Nursery school, Salvation and Trinity International primary school (2 primary schools), Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School, 1st degree in Accounting from Covenant University, almost completed MBA(Masters in Business Administration) from University of Lagos.


Some initiatives I have volunteered in travel include: NTL end of year hangout, Travel massive event, Eagles Travel Enthusiasts (CUALA) etc.


Other Initiatives I have volunteered outside travel include: volunteering at church, SDGS development Knowledge Facilitator, Project Good education general secretary, Regal set Team member for the book drive Initiative, previously served as team lead of Naza Agape Foundation(Lagos Chapter), Team member of the Value Adding woman initiative led by Mrs Kemi Oyedepo, Team member of the Going to Conceive conference by Mrs Adetoun Jegede etc.


I have worked in a few corporate organisations as an accountant,intern and also partnered with a few brands in the travel industry.

Tourism and Economic Development



Below are the questions I was asked and the answers I gave:

– Firstly , what does tourism mean to you ?
Tourism means moving from where I am to explore an attraction, unwind, explore, relax,enjoy, recreate, engage in leisure activities etc.
It could be within the city I live, in another state or in another country.
Tourism is not limited to tourist attractions; it includes: accomodation, food, culture, language, dressing, medical Tourism, sports Tourism etc
– How can tourism contribute positively to a country’s economy
– Tourism creates Job opportunities for various travel professionals/enthusiasts including tour guides, tour operators, travel agents, destination marketers, travel bloggers, travel vloggers, travel photographers etc.
– Increased patronage for businesses in a country: Inbound and Outbound tourists patronise locals. For Example: purchasing food, buying souvenir,using the transportation system, booking accomodation (AirBnb, hotels, hostels etc), buying flight tickets from various airlines, paying entrance fees at destinations, paying fees for act etc.
– Do you think tourism is currently contributing to Nigeria’s GDP
Yes, i think it is. It might not be a high percentage at the moment but I think it is.
I think it is only a part of the COVID 19 Era that tourism was not contributing at all to the GDP but right now, I think it is.
– With your broad knowledge of tourism in Nigeria and the current economic situation in Nigeria, would you advise a foreign investor to take the chances of investing wealth in Nigeria .
– If Yes/No to the above question, Why?

Yes, I will encourage an investor to invest but I will advice the investor to be strategic, do a lot of research and carry out due diligence.


For now, I will advise the investor to focus on states, areas,tourist attractions etc with fewer security issues and areas where people are generally more comfortable visiting (for now)


Things can actually work in this country, there are quite a number of examples, but let me share two:


1) Upbeat center is West Africa ‘s first trampoline Park and it is located in Lagos, Nigeria. This I consider to be very innovative, and a lot of people usually want to visit.


2) NRC service: From the times I have personally used the train service and also hearing from the experiences of others: The facilities are modern, it is clean,neat, the ride is smooth, it is organised. (For now, the only thing I will probably change is introducing an online ticket system).


So yes, there are many great investment opportunities in the tourism sector in Nigeria.

– Tourism is a discipline that cuts across every other discipline, kindly justify this statement
Tourism involves many other industries E.g Medical tourism involves medical sciences (hospitals,laboratories etc), food and beverage sector, sports tourism involves the sports sector, manufacturing Industry (goods, souvenir etc bought by tourists are produced/manufactured), Oil and Gas Industry (Gas is used to make food, fuel is used to power vehicles used for transport, corporate world(law firms, engineering companies, accounting firms etc) ,some companies book the services of tour operators to plan staff retreat, gateway etc, educational sector: schools organise excursion, exchange programmes etc for students. Etc.
– Kindly elaborate on ways in which money can be made through tourism even with the current state of tourism in Nigeria
 Influencer marketing: Promote the products and services of brands you love and get their services complimentary and possibly monetary payments in addition. This could be achieved either through pitching or organic brand deals. P.s: is not all about the number of following, views etc. I have done some pitches to airlines that didn’t pull through. My main thought point (think out of the box)that Green Africa was going out to work out (which it did) last year, when I got the deal, they were still relative new and needed a lot of promotions etc which I believe gave me an edge. I am glad that through my promotions, they got some more patronage from my work, so it’s a win win.
-Travel vloggers are able to monetize and get paid for ads when they have a certain number of subscribers and watch hours on YouTube.
-Tour operators can focus on destinations that are relatively safe for now and sell their packages at a profit.
– Innovation 💡 and thinking of possible new products or services that can be a unique selling offer.
– Partnerships and collaboration over competition
An article about Theufoma on business insider, inspired me when I read it last week, so let me add that, keep at it, Don’t be discouraged even when challenges come. I read and I’m inspired by her journey a lot. From someone, that wasn’t monetizing travel for years to earning above. Our journeys are different, it might happen sooner for some,later for some. so let great success stories, inspire us that we can get there too. I hope this has inspired someone too🤗
– What do we need to get right to make tourism in Nigeria work effectively

 Be passionate about the industry like @⁨Nnenaya Fakoya Smith⁩ will say.It will keep you going and you will be determined to want to see the industry succeed.


– Not relent on the efforts we are currently making and keeping doing more.


– Practice more of sustainable tourism in the environment.


– Keep promoting and marketing tourism in Nigeria.


– Research and Implement: For Instance, during the CUALA SOAR series, Mr Kola of Wayfare shared how they discovered,not many travel agencies were selling a service to assist those re applying for Schengen visas if they had been denied before(like they do for other visas: UK, US etc) and now it is kind of a unique selling point for them, since they now offer the service.


– Keep evolving and Innovate. We should not see technological advancement as a 100% threat to our roles but look at ways we can adapt.


– Prioritize the Tourism Industry like Empowering youths with requisite knowledge, skills for those who will love to go into tourism Full time or Part time.


– Let us continue to work together, there is space for everyone at the top, we all can soar. We should avoid rivalry and unhealthy competition. When we work together, we can achieve more.

– If you are to be the minister of tourism in Nigeria under His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, what will you do first ?
– Work towards more affordable rates of travel components and work towards fairer tax policies so that sectors can in turn sell at more affordable rates and ensuring better rates of other components involved like fuel, raw materials etc.
– Work towards good infrastructure and more Important, maintenance culture of these structures:( E.g good roads) by putting necessary checks and balances in place.
– Work with other ministers, special advisers etc in tackling insecurity issues.
– Checks and balances for tourism attractions and to ensure they are maintaining high standard.
– Ensure tourism is adequately budgeted for.
– More visa friendly policies to encourage more foreigners to visit and explore Nigeria etc.
Tell us about a superstition you believed when you were younger?
They one I can remember now, I was super young, still a toddler  I think, I used to think there was a way offering used to ascend to meet God in Heaven.

About the untapped destination in Nigeria, if you have the chance to pick 1 and manage to make profit. Which will you pick and why ?

Before, I will have picked Ikogosi, and because I just love how the cold and warm water meet but it’s now getting a lot of attention so, I will go with: the Amalgamation house in Akwa Ibom and because I love the history and the 1914 story, I find interesting.
3 destination you will love to explore in Nigeria this 2023 @⁨Faithooo⁩
1) Isaac Boro Park and other places in Port Harcourt
2) Amalgamation House and other places in Akwa Ibom
3) Mapo Hall and other places in Ibadan
It seems you so much love historical tourism 😁.
@⁨Faithooo⁩ A word or statement Daddy or Mummy always say to you that you can’t forget:
– Well-done Faithooo
– I will support you my dear daughter
Unto the last question for this section Going to waterfall or beach ?
Going to the beach ⛱️ 😎


What are your thoughts? Do you have additional insights to the questions asked above? Lets discuss in the comments section.






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