04 May
Travel Packing List

Packing List for you trip: 60+ Items you should consider

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Packing List for you trip: 60 Items you should consider;

Clothing: Underwear,socks, pyjamas, night wear,dress, skirt,shirt,top,trousers,blazer,sweatshirt, jacket,work out gear, beach bag, other bags, swimming costume, swimming trunk,hat etc.

Shoes: Sneakers, boots,flat shoes, heels(if needed), slippers, sandals etc.

Accessories: Wrist watch, earrings, necklace, bracelet, scarf, belt, sunshades etc.

Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, perfume, body spray, soap, bathing gel, shaving stick, facial wipes, hairbrush, comb, (should make up fall under this category? What do you think?), hair products, lip balm, lip loss, manicure set,sunscreen etc.

Electronics: phone, laptop, charger, universal adapter, camera etc.

Essentials: International passport, I.D card, Vaccination certificates, travel itinerary, visa, flight ticket print out, travel insurance document, cash, credit card, boarding pass etc.

Other Items: books, keys, wallet, water bottle, notepad, pen, tissue,headphones, towel, eye mask, neck pillow etc.

Please suggest some Items that should be in the list.

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