01 Dec

10 Interesting things to do at Wave beach and Mood lounge

I visited wave beach and mood Lounge in Elegushi. I was there to attend the hangout organized by my university alumni association (CUALA).






We were initially supposed to have the hangout at wave beach but had to move it to mood lounge (which is just beside wave beach) because they had other events there and insisted we purchased their food rather than bringing in external food. However, I and a friend of mine still entered wave beach, walked round the beach, sat for a while, bought water at their restaurant(since we were still going to have a lot to eat at the hangout, we did not buy any other thing at wave beach) and headed back to join other alumni members at mood lounge.

Wave beach

Things to do at Wave Beach:

wave beach

  • Host an event: While we sat at the restaurant, an event was on going at the other side. You can book wave beach to host your parties, seminars, conferences etc.
  • Swim: They have  a swimming pool at wave beach. Don’t forget to go with your swimming costumes/swimming trunks if you will love to swim at their pool

wave beach

  • Take pictures: They have nice picture worthy spots

wave beach

wave beach

wave beach

  • Make videos: They have nice video worthy spots
  • Enjoy the views/scenery

Wave beach

wave beach

Things to do at Mood Lounge:

Mood Lounge

Mood Lounge


  • Host your parties, events, meetups, reunions etc.
  • Play games: You can bring in different kinds of games to play at the lounge

Mood Lounge

Mood Lounge

Mood Lounge

  • Dance

Mood Lounge

  • Menu, Menu, Menu: At the Eagles on the beach hangout, we first had: Jollof rice and chicken, then we later had Fried yam and grilled Turkey with drinks and water and later we had ice cream.
  • Enjoy the views/scenery

Mood Lounge

Mood Lounge

  • Take pictures and make videos.

Mood Lounge

Mood Lounge

have you been to wave beach and or mood lounge? If you have what was your experience? If you have not will you love to visit? Which other  beaches in Lagos do you recommend? Lets chat in the comment section


19 Nov

Review of 35 Interesting Restaurants In Lagos

Looking for sumptuous, delicious, yummy meals to try out? Read through this post. In my family, we have treat meals like once a week. Some other days of the week; I enjoy my mums meals, meals I made, meals my sister made, also enjoyed meals of other family and friends that have hosted me at one point or another.

Spaghetti and minced meat sauce

Potatoe and chicken sauce


Spahetti, Cheese, Asun


Below are some of places I have been to, meals I have had there and recommendations based on what are my personal preferences and you should try out when in Lagos, Nigeria:

Bamboo Lounge: I loved Bamboo: nice scenery, food was really nice. I had spaghetti and prawns  my sister had the chefs special pasta, my mum had club sandwiches and we all enjoyed our meal.

Bamboo Lounge

Bamboo Lounge

Bamboo Lounge

Bamboo Lounge

Bamboo Lounge


Korede spaghetti: They have branches both in Surulere and University of Lagos. I love their meals ranging from yam and plantain with sauce, spaghetti and turkey, suya rice, plantain and turkey, nimota rice, plantain and turkey.

The Place: I love their salad, shrimp sauce, basmati rice, spahetti, yamarita, yam porridge etc.

Yellow chilli: Their oha soup and sea food okra(my dad’s favourite) is really good. Though, the last time we went there, their portion was quite small.

Platters: I love their moi-moi and variant of rice.

George’s cuisine: Used to be my favourite restaurant in palms shopping mall before they closed down. Do you know of any other branches of theirs? Please let me know in the comments section.

Zen Garden, Little China and Yin Yang: They are Chinese restaurants. You can try out their chicken and corn soup, spring rolls for starters; prawn sauce, sweet and sour sauce, shredded beef sauce, singapore noodles, egg basmati fried rice etc. for Lunch and explore other parts of the menu.

Yin Yang

Hubmart: I love their potatoes and sauce for breakfast and their bitterleaf soup with poundo yam for Lunch. You can also try out different flavours of Ice-cream at: melting moments

Jevinik: Jevinik stew is so good as well as their Oha and Ofe nsala(white soup) with pounded yam, I love their goat meat pepper soup as well.

Ofada boy: Try out their different Ofada packages and their pounded yam with white soup.

Ofada boy

Spar: Try out their spaghetti and explore the other meal options.

Confectionately yours: Try out their jollof/fried rice with chicken, Kidney pie, cake and other pastries.

Beleful variety: Try out their amala with ewedu and assorted meat.

Beleful Variety

Sheraton buffet: I have tried out their lunch buffet on Sundays; variety of meals to pick from; from starters to main meals to desserts.


Barcelos: I love their breakfast special, their different kinds of salad, their chicken, rice etc.

KFC: Its the chicken for me.

Alalo: This was another place I loved in GRA, Ikeja that sadly closed down.

Food shack: Try out their fries and wings.

Food Shack

Food Shack

Food Shack

Casper and Gambini: I loved my meal here, I had Lasagne. The pastries below came complimentary.

Casper and Gambini

Casper and Gambini

Casper and Gambini

Casper and Gambini

Spur: try out their fish with tatar sauce, their burger ,chips, rice, milkshake etc.



Oh la la: Try out their club sandwiches, shawarma, rice with fish sauce, cake, ice cream etc.

Dooney’s Kitchen: Try out their fried rice and chicken. Their alfredo pasta looks really good, I will love to try it next time.

Johnny Rocket: Try out their burger, chips, wings.

Johnny Rockets

Kobis: It is the sea food okro for me.

TFC: Try out their yamarita, spaghetti combo, amala and okro etc.

Sweet Sensation: Try out their coconut rice and other variants of rice and swallow.

Chicken Republic: Try out their chickwiz, pastries, jollof rice and chicken with coleslaw, chicken salad.

Crust and Cream: Try out their mashed potatoes with any of their various kinds of chicken meal and sauce options.

Crust and Cream

Crust and Cream

Crust and Cream

Crust and Cream

Crust and Cream

Frozen rolls: for various flavours of ice-cream.

Frozen rolls

Frozen rolls

Frozen rolls

Frozen rolls

Goodies: Try out their Philadelphian sandwiches and spaghetti Bolognese.

BG mart: Try out their Ofada rice and sauce, white rice and stew, fried rice with salad and barbecue chicken, moi moi, beans with corn and plaintain, yam porridge, amala with ewedu and assorted etc.

Yakoyo: Try out amala, ewedu and assorted, white rice and stew etc.

01 Shawarma: Try out their beef/chicken shawarma and small chops.

Shuttles in Maryland mall: Try out their Shawarma.

Bibi’s Grill in Maryland mall: I used to love their spaghetti and meat balls but unfortunately they closed down.

Mr. Biggs: It is their moi- moi for me.

Hans and Rene: Try out their various gelato and sobreto flavours.

Order delivery packages from these places, you can check them out on Instagram with the names used below for more information and contact numbers:

12 Baskets: Try out their various packages. Some items include: puff puff, mosa, samosa, spring rolls, snail, fish in batter, prawns, gizzard, stick meat, barbecue chicken etc.

amalatohsure: amala, ewedu and assorted meat.

i_am_ibot: Try out their platters.


slimolobe: Try out their Chinese, okro soup and other soups.

Slim Olobe


Looking for frozen yoghurt: Try out sweet Kiwi in Palms Shopping mall, Bia in Adeniran Ogunsanya mall and Pinkberry: They have various branches across Lagos.


Looking for healthy and fresh juice: Try out: producejunctionng, yhenisjuice, fruitylifengr (for juice and parfait), sofreshng( for juice, parfait and salad), nine24locale(juice, parfait),reneegoldenhand(for tigernut drink and honey)mich_andkay: for their Greek yoghurt:  You can find these brands on Instagram with the names and above.

have you been to any of these places? If yes what do you love about them? If no will you love to visit them? Which other places outside this post will you recommend in Lagos? Lets discuss in the comments section.

17 Nov

18 Interesting places to visit in Abuja

I have been to Abuja  on about 5 different trips (some while I was in secondary school and some while I was an undergraduate). Some of the trips were by road and some where by air. click here to book a flight to Abuja and or a flight to any other part of the world. click here

to read a step by step guide on how to book.

The device were most of the pictures of the different Abuja trips are on crashed. If I’m able to retrieve the pictures, I will update this post. However, I still have a few of the pictures which I will share below.




Places I visited in Abuja:

  • Shoprite Novare Apo 2 Mall
  • Jabi mall
Jabi mall

Jabi mall

  • Jabi Lake

Jabi Lake

Jabi Lake

Jabi Lake

  • Have Buffet at Sheraton
  • Grand square supermarket
  • Ceddi Plaza: my favourite place here is: Nkoyo restaurant

Nkoyo: Ceddi Plaza










Millennium park: Suitable for a picnic


  • Little China:


Little China, Abuja

  • National children’s park and zoo
  • Magic land: previously known as Wonderland. My favourite ride there is roller coaster. It is scary and fun at the same time. They have outdoor rides and also Indoor fun (game arcade, their game arcade is the like the Rufus and Bee of Abuja, Rufus and Bee is a game arcade in Lagos)
  • Garki market
  • Wuse market
  • Shagalinku: I love their salad, tuwo rice, jollof rice and my best meal to have there is their ram pepper soup. They also have branches in Kaduna, I have also visited their branch in Kaduna.
  • 212 Bakery, Abuja
  • Also, there is Silverbird Cinemas both at Jabi mall and the mall at Memorial Drive, Musa Yar’Adua Center

Musa Yar'Adua Center


On my next visit to Abuja, I would love to visit:

  • Crushed rock, Mpape
  • Zuma rocks resort
  • Almat Farms

Have you been to Abuja before? If yes which places did you visit? If no would you love to visit Abuja? and which places will you love to go to when you get there. I will love to hear from you in the comments section.


12 Nov
How to start a website

How to start your website: 15 things you need to know

please note that this post contains an affiliate link, I might earn a small commission if you purchase hosting, at no extra cost to you, thanks for your support.

How to start a website

(1) Pray: As a Jesus girl, the first step I would recommend for any decision to take in life, Is to pray about it, seek God’s face and commit what you want to do in Gods hands.

((2)  Know the reasons or some of the reasons you want to start a website: Ask yourself, why do I want to start and own a website, why do I want to start it now? What are the pros and cons? Etc.

(3)  Think of the domain name option(s): Think of the domain name you want to use ,search to see if the domain name is available and purchase the domain name if it is available.

(4) Purchase Hosting: Just like you leave in a house, your website needs a house to leave in and that’s why you need to buy hosting from a hosting company click here to view whogohost  various hosting plans and other services and purchase the ones that best suits your needs. I have enjoyed whogohost services thus far, their customer service is so on point and always willing to assist with any questions, clarifications etc. After purchasing, you will be given your  C-panel login details.

(5) Install WordPress: There are other platforms like wix, blogger, tumblr, typepad etc. but WordPress is usually preferred. You can install WordPress by visiting Softaculous on your Cpanel dashboard.

(6)  Pick/Purchase a theme: You can either  choose to use a free theme from the free theme option or buy a customized theme based on your budget and preferences.

(7)  Design a Logo: Prior to me designing my website Logo by myself, I will have thought it was a task I will outsource because I don’t feel I’m artistically Inclined, however, after going through the introductory series of training by Students pal on digital skills, graphics design and web development, I was able to do a few designs by myself, so I used logomaker.com to design by Logo. You can also try out Canva, I have also used Canva to make a few of the designs that are on my website.

(8)  Research: Asides the trainings, I spent ample time researching online on how to go about building my website through reading articles on google, watching YouTube tutorials etc.

(9)  Install plug Ins: Install the necessary plug ins needed on your site, some of which might include: email subscribers opt in, social share icons, Jet pack etc.

(10) Pages: Decide on the number of pages you want to have, their titles and what their contents will be.

(11) Blog: Have a blog section which is where you will be able to write and edit articles from your website.

(12) Co Schedule: Use coschedule.com/headline-analyzer to analyze your various headline options before posting them, when your headlines are S.E.O friendly, more people get to see your post and visit your site. I will suggest having a headline score of 70 and above since 70 was A during undergrad, If one headline seems to have a low score, you can try other headlines within the same context of the topic you want to talk about.

However, if you are getting between 60-70 for some of your posts, I think you are still good to go.

So far, I have seen that list headlines usually have higher scores.

(13)   Use alt tag for your media: When uploading your pictures in your articles, use the alt tag feature, you can also use the title, caption and description boxes (if you have more details), this helps to make your posts more visible when information is being searched for on search engines.

(14)   Ask for help: I asked for assistance from those I know built their website themselves especially those in niche I’m currently focused on. They proffered assistance where I needed their assistance.

(15) Follow up with subscribers: Asides automatic post updates that will be sent to subscribers, you can follow up with subscribers by sending newsletters to them. There are various mailing platforms you can use, some of which include: MailChimp, Sendfox and Converkit. I currently use Converkit and you are allowed to have up to 1000 subscribers without having to pay for the premium service. When your subscribers are more than 1000, that’s when you start paying. Through your newsletters, you can share information and updates with your subscribers on products and services, deals, promos, discounts, other information etc.

The full process of building your website requires time and patience. I do hope this summary helped? Please let me know in the comments section.

Also, if you need more help with your website, send me an email at: faithoooguntayo@gmail.com

Also, if you need more customized and advanced functions and sections for your website, then you will need the services of a web developer and or a web designer, please also send me an email at: faithoooguntayo@gmail.com and I will make some recommendations after sending some sample of the work previously done by the recommendations.

p.s: Kindly use my affiliate link above to purchase hosting from whogohost. If you are reading this post before the 24th of November2020, there is currently a promo on .ng domain, click the link above to know more. If you are reading this post after the 24th of November 2020, they give promos, discounts, freebies etc. from time to time, click on the link above and make any further enquiries you have through the chat room.

p.s.s: They won web hosting company of the year for the second consecutive year they are winning this award from the Nigeria Technology Award. This is a testament to the hardwork and dedication of the Whogohost Team to ensure that they serve us. Congratulations #TeamWhogohost.

The CEO was awarded Young Person of the Year by Young Entrepreneurs International Summit (YEIS)

Web hosting

Web hosting

07 Nov
7 days in Dubai

2 Interesting packages and how to access them

Please note that if you purchase, I might earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, thank you so much in advance for you support.

Something exciting…yay!! yippee!!!. My first post on my blog ( click here to read it) was on my trip to Dubai. Before, during and after the trip, I was fully a wayfare customer; now I’m getting an opportunity to not only be a customer but also do some partnerships with wayfare…Is that not great? Prior to the partnership, I did not know we will partner soon but great things happen when you stay connected, support other people within and outside your industries both career and business wise ,choose collaboration over competition etc.


Today, you could be supporting me, tomorrow we could partner on something, meet other great people during the group trip that you can build great friendships with, work on projects together, connect each other with opportunities, work on great ideas together and many more…

Unveiling two great packages to travel with wayfare to Dubai: One for November, One for December

7 days in Dubai

Christmas in Dubai

Want to travel to Dubai sometime next year? Also reach out to wayfare because they will have different packages available then as well.

Want a customized trip for just yourself (solo) or  your family or your friends or your colleagues etc. Reach out to wayfare as well.

Group trips have their advantages, Solo trips have their advantages as well; so also team bonding, group of friends, couple etc.

click here to read about my awesome and amazing experience travelling with Wayfare July 2019 group squad. The experience was priceless and so worth it and something to look forward to doing over and over again. I went on the group trip with my sister and she also want’s to have the experience over and over again. We met other amazing people during the trip as well.

Till now, well over a year after, we can still talk about the trip without being bored or fed up that we have talked about it a number of times because it was a SuperB! time.

I am looking forward to hearing the jist about your experience.

p.s: Do not forget to mention that you are from faithooo.

Thanks again for your support. I really appreciate. God bless you richly.


07 Nov

6 Interesting places I visited in Ibadan

Prior to this trip, I had passed through Ibadan several times while travelling and had visited years ago when I was still in secondary school so I was excited to go on another trip to Ibadan. Read about what I got up to below:

The trip was to attend the post graduate graduation ceremony of the University of Ibadan but as a wanderluster and an Ajala, I used the extra day of the trip to visit a couple of places.


Places I visited In Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria :

(1) University of Ibadan(U.I): I visited University of Ibadan for the post graduate school graduation ceremony. The ceremony lasted a few of hours; order of program included: procession, speeches, presentation of awards, announcements etc. After the ceremony, it was picture taking, jisting and celebration time.

University of Ibadan

(2) Agodi Parks and Gardens: I went there on a Saturday and there were a lot of people doing various activities which included: birthday celebrations, picnic, nature walks, swimming, eating, horse riding, children were playing at the recreational park, taking pictures and videos, paintballing etc.

Agodi Gardens

(3) IITA Forest Reserve: I went to IITA with the intention of doing the forest tour to enjoy nature, see squirrel, bird watching etc. However, on getting there, was told you had to be lodged there to have access to the forest tour so I could not do the forest tour since we were already lodged somewhere else. I had previously thought a visitor could pay for the forest tour without having to book hotel accomodation. I look forward to doing the tour when I get an opportunity to lodge there.

(4) Bodija market: I and my mum went to buy food stuffs at the market on the same Saturday after we had gone to both Agodi Gardens and IITA forest reserve. At this time, we were tired but needed to do the shopping since we were to return to Lagos the next day, we walked through the length and breadth of the market and the two major items I noticed were cheaper are: yams and meat; therefore, we bought in bulk.

(5) Amala Polaris: I had heard a lot of nice things and review about this place and I was not disappointed because their food is so so good. The ewedu is really thick and nice, the amala and stew to is so on point, the assorted meat and goat meat is lit.

We visited more than once, so I also tried out their white rice, beans, plantain, stew and meat and it was good as well.

(6) Ultima: Ultima is like The Place of Ibadan ( The Place is a restaurant in Lagos with various branches across Lagos state) . they sell variety of meals which are delicious and sumptuous ranging from different types of rice, porridge, different kinds of swallow etc.

p.s: If you have hiked before what tips do you have for someone that wants to start hiking on trips but has some fears?

It will be nice to hike Ado-Awaye ( Ado-Awaye is one of only two suspended lakes in the world) on my next visit to Oyo state and also check out other tourist attractions I have not yet visited in the state.

Have you been to Ibadan before? If yes which places did you visit? If no will you love to visit Ibadan?




17 Oct
Ultimate Arena

10 Interesting things to do at Ultimate Arena

Ultimate Arena is located at Ziggies Compound, 84 Basheer Shittu Street, Magodo 2, Lagos. Before visiting you will need to book ahead on their website click here to view their website and click on book now on their website. You can also view details about their services on their website, gallery, frequently asked questions, contact information etc. on their website.

Ultimate Arena

Various activities at Ultimate Arena include: Paint-balling, Bubble Soccer, Caterpillar run, Paint Shooting Range, Tug of war, Volleyball, Gladiator Joust, Escape room, Board Games, swimming.

Ultimate Arena

Activities I and my friends participated in when we went there are:

Ultimate Arena


  • Paint-balling: Paint-balling involves working together in a team and competing against another team whereby players are eliminated by shooting at them with pellets (paint balls) shot from a compressed air power low-energy air weapon called marker. When you pay for paint-balling you will be given the overall, headgear etc for the duration of your paint-balling activity. You can also wear a scarf/ cap before putting  on the headgear so as to ensure the paint does not stain your hair.
  • Ultimate Arena
  • Ultimate Arena
  • Ultimate Arena
  • Ultimate Arena


  • Shooting range: This involves shooting the pellets (paint-balls) on a targeted board and aiming for the paint-balls to hit some specific points on the board. This activity can be played both individually and in a group.
  • Ultimate Arena


Ultimate Arena

Ultimate Arena

  • Swimming: For me, swimming was the most relaxing activity, soaking myself in the pool really helped to calm my nerves as well as the shower taken before the swim. If you do not know how to swim yet (like me as at the time of writing this article) still consider going into the pool, I trust you will enjoy it. You can also take a few swimming lessons and learn some things before you leave.Remember to go with your swimming costume/ swimming trunk.
    Ultimate Arena Ultimate Arena Ultimate Arena
  • Ultimate Arena


  • Escape room: Some of my friends had wanted to do escape room but they were not around even though I had followed up a number of times prior to our visit, check their website for more information about escape room and please call to confirm the morning before you leave, if they are available.

As at the time of writing this article, the various menu! menu! items at ultimate arena are: asun, jollof rice, chicken and plantain, fried rice chicken and plantain, they also have turkey and beef, chicken and chips with ketchup, noodles with chicken, noodles with fried eggs. They also sell drinks. We chose different meals based on our preferences.

If you are bringing in external food and drinks into Ultimate Arena, you will need to pay a corkage fee.

It was an amazing day and a hangout is a great way to relax after the week’s hard work. We got to network, connect, jist, unwind, relax, explore and more. We had a really nice time and look forward to more and more hangouts in the future.

click here  and click on ultimate arena highlights for more pictures and videos.

Have you been to ultimate arena before? If yes what was your experience like? If no will you love to visit ultimate arena and what activities will you love to try out there? I will love to hear from you in the comments section.

03 Oct
Lekki Conservation Center

8 Interesting things to do at Lekki Conservation Center

Earlier in the week ( precisely Sunday 27th of September 2020) we celebrated world Tourism day.

world tourism day


I and a couple of friends visited Lekki Conservation Center on Saturday September 26th 2020 but guess what? It rained…It started raining while some of us were on our way and some of us were already there. When we got there, we thought that we will be allowed after the rain stopped. However, we were told that it was not safe to go through the board walk while it was still wet, and it’s the board walk that leads to the canopy walk (which is the longest canopy walk in Africa!) and some of the floor games.

Lekki Conservation Center

Lekki Conservation Center

The following day, it did not rain and it was still weekend, it did not also rain on 1st of October which is a public holiday in Nigeria because it is Independence day. We would however make our next visit to Lekki Conservation Center during dry season/ harmattan season since there is no way we can determine if it will rain or not if we go on another day during raining season.


Here are the the things we got up to and you can try out while you are there:

Networking: I had invited friends to be a part of the hangout and they in turn invited some of their friends; so we got to meet new people, interact and gist about some aspects of life; I love jist so it was an exciting time for me and I’m pretty sure others enjoyed it as well. We introduced ourselves,talked a bit about some of the things we do in career, business and creative aspects and more…

Lekki Conservation Center

Enjoying Nature: Enjoyed the beautiful scenes at Lekki Conservation Center and also got to see some of the animals: monkeys and a peacock. When you are there, hide your edibles from the monkeys when you see them approaching because they can come and grab them, also protect your phone and other valuables as well.

Lekki Conservation Center



Picnic with good food: We had finger foods, a main meal,drinks and water during the hangout as well as drinks and water. The food was sumptuous and delicious, very well enjoyed while we wined and dined.


Taking pictures and videos: They were beautiful spots to take nice pictures which we did. Click click here  and click on LCC to view more pictures and videos.

Memories are very important. They remind us of people, stories, cultures, places, feelings, experiences etc


Lekki Conservation Center



Learning new things: Learnt new things about Wetland, Mona Monkeys, Fish species etc. For instance, over one billion people make a living from wetlands.

We saw the start of the board walk but we were not able to walk through because it was wet. On our next visit we would love to:

Walk through the board walk

Walk through the Canopy walk

Play the floor games

I look forward to also sharing the experience afterwards.

Have you heard about Lekki Conservation Center? Have you been to Lekki Conservation? If you have been to Lekki Conservation Center what was your experience like? If you have not been to Lekki Conservation Center do you look forward to going there?



On my 2nd visit to Lekki Conservation Center (which is shown in the pictures below) , did the long board walk up to the start of the canopy walk twice,  and another long board walk from the canopy walk to the picnic area once.
Enjoyed the suya and coconut 🥥 water 💧😋👌😍 sold there.
They were also selling popcorn 🍿and shawarma.
It’s a large family pack with different huts  for different groups.
They say the 😁 the 3rd time is a charm. Do you agree?
Hoping to do the canopy walk from start to finish on the 3rd visit 🙏😀😬
P.S: Club house is now available for android users.
I joined : click here to connect with me there.
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
Lekki Conservation Center
24 Sep

Everything you need to know about visiting Idere Hills

This is a guest post by Jumoke Munu Also Known As: Jumoke Smiley of the Smileys Place Travels. Please read her amazing guide below:

Idere Hills is certainly one of my favorite places to visit and hike in Oyo state. I visited here first as a day trip with Nikeh, Sola Sly & Wemmie. My second and third visit were also a day trip(they were private tours for some of The Smiley’s Place Travels customers) while my fourth trip there was on overnight stay and this was a group trip with The Smiley’s Place Travels. Interested in visiting, either as a day trip or for an overnight stay?

Here’s everything you need to know in order to plan your trip successfully.

About destination and how to get there:

Idere Hills is located in Idere town, in the Ibarapa area of Oyo State. Idere town is a 5 minute drive from the Twins Capital of the World, Igboora. This place is a wonderfully dynamic destination for hiking and sightseeing and it’s also one of the newly discovered wonders of Nigeria.


It’s best to use google maps while driving there and if you’ll be using commercial transport, you will have to get to Igboora first (there are direct buses to Igboora from Ibadan, Lagos, and Abeokuta) after which a hundred naira cab will take you to Idere town.

Activities on Idere hills and in Idere town:

Visiting Idere Hills will afford plenty of opportunities for hiking, bush walking, caving, rock climbing, bonfire on the hills, etc.

Idere hills is what I’ll describe as diverse rocks of different shapes, sizes and forms. These divers rocks formation has caves, natural pools, layered rocks, ancient defense walls, and the summit, where one gets the birds eye view of the town and neighboring towns. Idere hills has quite a good number of sites/attractions with loads of historical significance and they are:


  1. Aroye – meaning ‘we can see and understand’. It is a three layered rock formation. It is a post/office for the secret police/spy. Areas in front of ‘Yara’ can easily be seen and findings communicated to the guards and palace for coordination.
  2. Yara – Yara means room in Yoruba language. It is the real main gate to the town on the hills proper. The walls on either side is rocky and approximately about 40ft in length, 18ft in height, and about 6ft apart. It served the trio purpose of security gate with inlet and outlet, room or office for the guards, and the top to the right (Iho Eja) for the snipers.
  3. Eeyore – is the natural water pool on Idere hills. It is a big indentation with water storage capacity of approximately over 12,000L which is sufficient to support the community then even during the dry season. Its water is majorly for household and agricultural purposes.
  4. Olorogun meji – two small lakes  believed to have been formed by two female rivals, wives to a particular husband and are both mystical.
  5. Odi Ilu – defense wall,  specially formulated and constructed, it has holes for sighting and shooting. It has withstood wind, sun, rain for over 200 years. It is one of the major relics on Idere hills.
  6. Kosomonu – an area on Idere hills, about the tallest place. From here the whole township can be viewed. Kosomonu means, ‘ he does not lose the child’ – if somebody is lost, instead of running aimlessly around, they go to Kosomonu section of the hills, locate the child and send to fetch the child. It has a tunnel that also serves as a hideout – narrower and longer than ‘Yara’.
  7. Iso Eleko Idere – the spot at which the famed Eleko Idere of Irosun meji in IFA panegyrics sold her pap on Idere hills. Idere is undoubtedly an ancient town in Yoruba land, Southwest, Nigeria.
  8. Isoku-Iruku – a place where you have to put the corpse down before you carry it again. While and after coming down from the hills, a section of Idere hill is designated for burial of members of the royal family. While taking the corpse up there, they get to this place where they have to put the corpse down, climb a step and carry the corpse again otherwise the corpse can’t be carried comfortably. It becomes a place of rite or ritual during princes and princesses burial.
  9. Ape tree – one of the oldest trees within the township. It was met when the town was founded and is at the then new community entrance now Saaro’s compound. It is estimated to be over 300 years.
  10. Idopa – Idopa in Yoruba language means ‘where walking stick and staff are submitted’ by chiefs, baales and lesser oba’s that came visiting as Onidere is a strong royalty.
  11. Aafin ( palace) – there are two places that served as palaces. The structures are caves. They serve as both abode and office for the king ( oba).
  12. Iho Eja/Omi Eja – this is a hole on the rock to the right side of Yara that looks like a fish indentation into the rock. Its water is meant for commercial laundry and other forms especially during the dry season.
  13. Oja – market, it was an open space where people bring their wares – farm produce, food products etc. Eleko Idere was once one of the traders in this market.
  14. Atapa water springs – this is actually a spring at Atapa hill on the Idere hills. It never dries, though not much but always there. It served as drinkable water for the whole community. It is also said to be medicinal and curative for many ailments.

Other things to do in Idere/Igboora for an overnight stay includes food tasting; tasting their famous Amala and Ilasa soup (this is said to be the reason behind their excessive birth of twins) and a city tour of Igboora which also includes visiting the King, Olu of Igboora.

What you should know:

  1. Go with hike buddies, remember the old rule that says there’s safety in numbers. You can as well visit as a solo traveler, since you’ll always need to book a tour guide before you can have access to the hills.
  2. Go with sun protection and rain gears if possible, there are no places to hide yet if it starts raining, unless if you’re inside the cave.
  3. Wear the right shoes and clothes. Wear sneakers, trekkers or boots with good grip, also wear long/free joggers and long sleeves, it’s good for sun safety and protects your body against cuts and bites(I experienced cuts and bites while bushwalking on my first visit, it left me itching my body terribly for more than 3 days)
  4. Going with water is important. You need to stay properly hydrated, you also need to go with something to munch on, soft drinks and glucose.
  5. Before entering the cave, allow your guide lead.
  6. Don’t try dipping your foot in any of the suspended lake, some are endless.
  7. Be prepared to take amazing snaps, there are loads of beautiful sceneries you shouldn’t waste.

Interested in experiencing Idere Hills and more? The Smiley’s Place Travels curates and creates private and group trips to Idere hills.


About The Jumoke Smiley:

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19 Sep
shopping at Novare Mall

9 interesting things to do at the Ikeja City Mall

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I have been to Ikeja City Mall a number of times as well as other malls.

The Ikeja City Mall is a mall located at Alausa in Ikeja, Lagos State.

(1) Food Court: One good thing about malls, is that you get to have a range/variety of different restaurant to choose from. In Ikeja City Mall, there are a range of options. Although some of my favourite have closed down (Mug and bean, Mexican Grill and Mozaya Classic). Asides increase in rent or not getting enough patronage, what other reason(s) do you think is responsible for restaurants/shops in malls closing down? Please share with me in the comment section. There are still other ones I love which are still in Ikeja City Mall which include: Sumptuous meals, Debonairs pizza, Dodo pizza, pizza hut, Ase e dey hot, Fruity life etc.

Some of the ones which I have also visited their branches in other areas asides Ikeja City Mall include: Awoof Berekete, KFC,Chicken Republic, Spurs etc.

(2) Watch A movie: Watch a movie in Silverbird cinemas after a work week, after a work day or just when you want to relax, you can also grab a popcorn/hot dog/shawarma, drink etc.

(3) Shop: from household items, to provisions, food stuffs, electronics, games, gadgets, clothes,shoes,bags,accessories,books, stationery, shop in shoprite and many more.

(4) Visit network providers offices: Need the assistance of your network provider or want to purchase anything from them? A number of them have offices in Ikeja City Mall.

(5) Game Arcade: There is a game arcade for children in Ikeja City Mall called: Play zone.

(6) Do Karaoke.

(7) Visit the pharmacy if you need items from there

(8) Relieve stress and muscular issues by having a therapeutic massage on the massage chair.

(9) Experience Virtual Reality.


Other malls in Lagos I have been to include:Maryland Mall, Apapa Mall, Palms Shopping Mall, Circle Mall, Novare Mall, Lenox Mall, Lesiure Mall, Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall, Mega plaza etc.

Movie at the Cinema

shopping at Novare Mall

shopping at Novare Mall

popcorn at the cinema

popcorn at the cinema


Movie at the Cinema

Movie at the Cinema

p.s: for some reason, I was unable to upload some of the other pictures I wanted to include, even after cropping and editing. Please check my Instagram stories, highlights and posts for more pictures: @faithoguntayo is my Instagram handle.

Which of these malls have you been to? What are your favourite things to do there? Which other malls in Lagos have you been to that are not on the list?