22 May

A 7 days interesting guide on how to explore Dubai




Dune bashing

Desert Safari with dune bashing

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I traveled to Dubai in UAE (United Arab Emirates) for 7 days. Its definitely somewhere i look forward to visiting again as there are many other places i need to experience and visit and i also need to enjoy the experiences I have had before again.

I traveled with a travel agency known as Wayfare, I traveled with my sister and we met other amazing people as it was a group trip.

Dubai visa process is E visa; no need for interviews at the embassy; it can be processed by you or by a travel agent.

It was a 6 hrs flight from Lagos, Nigeria to Abu Dhabi International Airport via Ethiad Airways. On board for flight food i had beef pasta, pancakes,sweet snack,juice and water.We had movies to watch;games to play;books to read etc.Ethiad Airways

After we landed at Abu Dhabi Airport, we were conveyed in a bus to Dubai. When we got to Dubai we were conveyed in another bus to Majestic City Retreat Hotel

We lodged at Majestic City Retreat hotel for the 7 days. We were treated to sumptuous;delicious,yummy buffet breakfast every day;we had very nice and cosy rooms,the rooms were clean,sparkling and very comfortable. The air conditioners were super effective which was super cool as we traveled in July and Dubai was very hot.The coldest month to visit is usually January .Majestic City Retreat hotel

The bathroom had essential toiletries needed,rooms were cleaned on a daily basis.

Majestic City Retreat hotel

Itinerary for our trip included:

Visit to the Dubai Mall: Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world based on total area. It has more than 1200 stores and services. There is no entry fee into the mall. I was wowed at how large the mall was. There were many shops,stores,cinema, a very large food court with different restaurants and more.The Dubai mall also hosts a fountain show(worlds largest choreographed fountain system) in the evening which is a very beautiful scenery, people gathered in masses to watch the show which lasts for a couple of minutes

Dubai Mallinside the malldubai Malldubai MallDubai Mall

Dhow Cruise Dinner: A Dhow is a traditional wooden vessel that has been refurbished into a floating restaurant with a buffet set up dinner on board as well as a live show(Arabian Dance). The vessel usually operates in Dubai’s premium water canal called Dubai Marina from 9p.m to 11p.m. After the buffet dinner and an interesting live show; they played Nigerian music for us, the vibe and dancing was a lot of fun. During the cruise; we also got to see Burj Al Arab, Atlantis and Marinadhow cruise dinnerDhow Cruise with buffet dinner

Dubai Desert Safari with Dune Bashing:Dune bashing means driving at increasing and decreasing speeds over sand dunes (which could be either be red sand dunes or white sand dunes). As the surface of the sand goes up, it takes special skill to drive through. We were in  a 4 by 4 jeep and we went round the desert fast paced. It was adventurous and scary at some points. It allowed us experience the depth of the desert scenery. After the dune bashing, we moved to the campsite where we partook of exclusive desert activities and experiences that reflect the ancient Bedouin culture.Also camel riding, henna designing,fire bending display,taking pictures.After which we enjoyed a buffet dinner with barbecue while we watched Tanura Belly Dance. The evening desert safari lasts for about 6 hours

desert safari

desert safari

Desert Safari food

hienna: desert safariDubai Desert Safari

Half Day Dubai City Tour: We drove through shopping malls, cultural heritage, word class architecture, the tallest tower in the world(Burj Khalifa). We stopped by and visited the museum we were shown several artifacts and told about their history.

Dubai City Tour

Pictures were not allowed inside the museum

Laguna Water park: There were several fun and adventurous water rides:lazy rivers, splash pads, infinity pool, free fall, wave Oz 180 flow ride.Most or us were laughing and also screaming in some of the water rides because it was fun but gave adrenaline rush! There were also cabanas for relaxations, restaurants etc

Gold Souk: We visited the Gold souk via Dubai’s oldest means of transportation which was by boat. Other means of transportation we experienced were: metro(this is their train system:very organised,well maintained,super effective and efficient,escalators to take you to where you will purchase tickets,elevators to take you down to the train stations,air conditioners in the train etc),cabs,busesMetro,Dubai

City Center: This was the last outing i went on before leaving Dubai, it is a shopping mall with various shops,stores and restaurants.

Dubai’s currency is known as Dirham

Dubai Rail Network

Dubai Rail Network

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Flight Beach in Dubai

p.s: for the challenge that was on a few weeks ago;on how many states visited in Nigeria: i have been to 14 states in Nigeria. Some are states that i passed through while on road trips. I would love to re explore these states and visit the states that i have not yet explored. The states are: Edo, Ekiti,Kaduna,Kogi,Kwara,Lagos,Nassarawa,Niger,Ogun,Ondo,Osun,Oyo,Rivers and F.C.T(Abuja). Three states that i have stayed in longer than others:Lagos, Abuja and Rivers state