Reflections from almost 2 years of travel blogging

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Tourism Women Luncheon 2.0  

17th May 2022 will make it 2 years since I became a travel blogger and I am super duper grateful for the journey.

corporate headshot faithooo     corporate headshot faithooo

I am thankful for being able to overcome Imposter syndrome and take the bold step. So many lessons I have learnt on this journey, some I have shared already, click here to read. It has been an awesome ride filled with diverse challenges and also gotten amazing opportunities that have gotten me excited, elated etc.

Faithooo      Faithooo

I am thankful to God for strength, resources, Inspiration and much more. I am thankful for all the awesome people that  have supported my journey in one way or another, I am thankful for over 5000 views and counting and in advance for exponential growth, bigger opportunities, breakthroughs and much more.

It has been an amazing ride and I am looking forward to even better days ahead. I am thankful for the opportunities both organically and through pitching. As I think back and reflect, some of the things that have happened so far in the journey are coming back to my mind.

I am thankful for the collaborations.

Faithooo      Faithooo


I am thankful for all the articles(posts), pages, social media contents on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, all those that subscribed and read my newsletters, giveaways I have done a couple of times, giveaways I have won from other brands, competitions I have won, even competitions  I did not win and much more.

I am thankful for safety, security, divine protection and guidance, provision through all the times I have stepped out to visit one place or the other and much more.

Idere Hills      Idere Hills

I am thankful for good times because like ASA said they are GOLD.

I am thankful for all the travel bloggers that have given me: tips, hacks, tricks, advice, guidance and much more.

I am thankful for my family, friends, well wishers and all supporters in general for reading, sharing, liking, commenting and much more

I look to the future and I am thankful in advance for greater days all around in travel blogging and all round in every area of my life.

Faithooo      Faithooo

p.s: some of the pictures shared are pictures from my purple-themed birthday shoot(representing the brand colour,smiles), it was my birthday:9th April. click here to view more.

What are some of my blog posts that you have read and love and why you love them? How should we celebrate the second anniversary? Lets chat in the comments section.


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