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Shu Garden

Restaurants In Lagos, 2021 list:20 Interesting Places

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I have written two previous articles about other restaurants,click here and here to read about them.

Restaurants In Lagos, 2021 list: 20 Interesting Places

(1) Shu Garden: try their rice, noodles and sauces.

Shu Garden

Shu Garden Shu Garden

(2) Soul food: try their coconut rice, fish and plantain.

Soul food

Soul food

(3) Cafe 55: their try breakfast.

cafe 55

(4)Cilantro: try their pizza and their briyani


(5) Spices: try their eba and okro soup.

(6) Rapsodys: try their pasta and meat balls.


(7) Awoof Berekete: moi-moi, rice, ofada, swallow, chicken salad.

(8) Mega Chicken: The have an outer parking area and also a basement parking area. The ground floor is for fast food, 1st floor is for more fast food and pastries, 2nd floor is for game arcade for kids and they sell popcorn(which I had and was nice), 3rd floor is for Chinese, which I had and it was yummy and fresh. Noodles, rice, chicken sauce and beef sauce. Their prawn mayo spring rolls and corn soup was very delicious as well.

Mega chicken

Mega chicken

Pizza from Peppe and Grill

(9) Ice cream from Cream slices

(10) efor riro, pounded yam, edidikaikong, okro, amala from Happies place

(11) Ofada from Bukka hut: best Ofada place so far from me. Love their abula too.

(12) Terra culture restaurant: click here to know more.

(13)Papiees Meatro: Try their grills.

papiee's meatro

(14)Panarottis pizza, they opened on the mainland at spur, G.R.A and I had it a couple of times. Loved it!

(15) Orchid Thai: loved their pasta and prawn mayo so much.

orchid thai orchid thai

(16) Burger king came to Nigeria and I tried it. Yum! Yummy. As at The time of writing this article, they have a branch in Victoria Island and another in Yaba.

(17) Cafeteria.ng: Their different variety of chicken,fries, sauces, their waffles,egg,bacon, whipped butter etc.

Cafeteria Nigeria Cafeteria Nigeria Cafeteria Nigeria

Cafeteria Nigeria

(18) Bourbon Cafe GRA: Their french toast, their different sauces with different sides.

Bourbon House Cafe 

Update: I visited the Victoria Island branch with my friends: Motunrayo, Ogochukwu and Seun, Februrary 2022

 Bourbon cafe  Bourbon cafe

 Bourbon cafe  Bourbon cafe

 Bourbon cafe  Bourbon cafe

 Bourbon cafe  Bourbon cafe

(19) Bungalow: Try their chicken in American sauce, veggies and a side.

(20) Pizza from Peppe and Grill

Have you visited any of these places? If yes what was your experience like? If no, which one(s) will you love to visit? E-See you in the comments section.

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