Review of 35 Interesting Restaurants In Lagos

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Looking for sumptuous, delicious, yummy meals to try out? Read through this post. In my family, we have treat meals like once a week. Some other days of the week; I enjoy my mums meals, meals I made, meals my sister made, also enjoyed meals of other family and friends that have hosted me at one point or another.

Spaghetti and minced meat sauce

Potatoe and chicken sauce


Spahetti, Cheese, Asun


Below are some of places I have been to, meals I have had there and recommendations based on what are my personal preferences and you should try out when in Lagos, Nigeria:

Bamboo Lounge: I loved Bamboo: nice scenery, food was really nice. I had spaghetti and prawnsย  my sister had the chefs special pasta, my mum had club sandwiches and we all enjoyed our meal.

Bamboo Lounge

Bamboo Lounge

Bamboo Lounge

Bamboo Lounge

Bamboo Lounge


Korede spaghetti: They have branches both in Surulere and University of Lagos. I love their meals ranging from yam and plantain with sauce, spaghetti and turkey, suya rice, plantain and turkey, nimota rice, plantain and turkey.

The Place: I love their salad, shrimp sauce, basmati rice, spahetti, yamarita, yam porridge etc.

Yellow chilli: Their oha soup and sea food okra(my dad’s favourite) is really good. Though, the last time we went there, their portion was quite small.

Platters: I love their moi-moi and variant of rice.

George’s cuisine: Used to be my favourite restaurant in palms shopping mall before they closed down. Do you know of any other branches of theirs? Please let me know in the comments section.

Zen Garden, Little China and Yin Yang: They are Chinese restaurants. You can try out their chicken and corn soup, spring rolls for starters; prawn sauce, sweet and sour sauce, shredded beef sauce, singapore noodles, egg basmati fried rice etc. for Lunch and explore other parts of the menu.

Yin Yang

Hubmart: I love their potatoes and sauce for breakfast and their bitterleaf soup with poundo yam for Lunch. You can also try out different flavours of Ice-cream at: melting moments

Jevinik: Jevinik stew is so good as well as their Oha and Ofe nsala(white soup) with pounded yam, I love their goat meat pepper soup as well.

Ofada boy: Try out their different Ofada packages and their pounded yam with white soup.

Ofada boy

Spar: Try out their spaghetti and explore the other meal options.

Confectionately yours: Try out their jollof/fried rice with chicken, Kidney pie, cake and other pastries.

Beleful variety: Try out their amala with ewedu and assorted meat.

Beleful Variety

Sheraton buffet: I have tried out their lunch buffet on Sundays; variety of meals to pick from; from starters to main meals to desserts.


Barcelos: I love their breakfast special, their different kinds of salad, their chicken, rice etc.

KFC: Its the chicken for me.

Alalo: This was another place I loved in GRA, Ikeja that sadly closed down.

Food shack: Try out their fries and wings.

Food Shack

Food Shack

Food Shack

Casper and Gambini: I loved my meal here, I had Lasagne. The pastries below came complimentary.

Casper and Gambini

Casper and Gambini

Casper and Gambini

Casper and Gambini

Spur: try out their fish with tatar sauce, their burger ,chips, rice, milkshake etc.



Oh la la: Try out their club sandwiches, shawarma, rice with fish sauce, cake, ice cream etc.

Dooney’s Kitchen: Try out their fried rice and chicken. Their alfredo pasta looks really good, I will love to try it next time.

Johnny Rocket: Try out their burger, chips, wings.

Johnny Rockets

Kobis: It is the sea food okro for me.

TFC: Try out their yamarita, spaghetti combo, amala and okro etc.

Sweet Sensation: Try out their coconut rice and other variants of rice and swallow.

Chicken Republic: Try out their chickwiz, pastries, jollof rice and chicken with coleslaw, chicken salad.

Crust and Cream: Try out their mashed potatoes with any of their various kinds of chicken meal and sauce options.

Crust and Cream

Crust and Cream

Crust and Cream

Crust and Cream

Crust and Cream

Frozen rolls: for various flavours of ice-cream.

Frozen rolls

Frozen rolls

Frozen rolls

Frozen rolls

Goodies: Try out their Philadelphian sandwiches and spaghetti Bolognese.

BG mart: Try out their Ofada rice and sauce, white rice and stew, fried rice with salad and barbecue chicken, moi moi, beans with corn and plaintain, yam porridge, amala with ewedu and assorted etc.

Yakoyo: Try out amala, ewedu and assorted, white rice and stew etc.

01 Shawarma: Try out their beef/chicken shawarma and small chops.

Shuttles in Maryland mall: Try out their Shawarma.

Bibi’s Grill in Maryland mall: I used to love their spaghetti and meat balls but unfortunately they closed down.

Mr. Biggs: It is their moi- moi for me.

Hans and Rene: Try out their various gelato and sobreto flavours.

Order delivery packages from these places, you can check them out on Instagram with the names used below for more information and contact numbers:

12 Baskets: Try out their various packages. Some items include: puff puff, mosa, samosa, spring rolls, snail, fish in batter, prawns, gizzard, stick meat, barbecue chicken etc.

amalatohsure: amala, ewedu and assorted meat.

i_am_ibot: Try out their platters.


slimolobe: Try out their Chinese, okro soup and other soups.

Slim Olobe


Looking for frozen yoghurt: Try out sweet Kiwi in Palms Shopping mall, Bia in Adeniran Ogunsanya mall and Pinkberry: They have various branches across Lagos.


Looking for healthy and fresh juice: Try out: producejunctionng, yhenisjuice, fruitylifengr (for juice and parfait), sofreshng( for juice, parfait and salad), nine24locale(juice, parfait),reneegoldenhand(for tigernut drink and honey).ย  mich_andkay: for their Greek yoghurt:ย  You can find these brands on Instagram with the names and above.

have you been to any of these places? If yes what do you love about them? If no will you love to visit them? Which other places outside this post will you recommend in Lagos? Lets discuss in the comments section.

5 thoughts on “Review of 35 Interesting Restaurants In Lagos”

  1. Wow! So many restaurants!! And this is making me crave Nigerian food so badly. Haha. I’ve been to a few that you mentioned here (14/35), can’t even pick a favourite but loved Yellow Chili (although they had very slow service the times I visited), had our wedding dinner party at Sheraton and Casper and Gambini and visited a few other places in Ikeja.

    Outside this post, I’d recommend RSVP, Circa Lagos, Sailors (for drinks and small bites), L’aric (for delicious fried rice) and Chopnownow (cheaper end of the scale) – these are a few favourites on the island. There’s also this Korean restaurant in GRA – Hua Han, I think. That’s also quite good.

    1. Awwwnnn, lol.
      What meal did you have at yellow chilli?
      Most of them with slow service usually say they cook the food fresh that’s why.
      Thanks so much for the recommendations ๐Ÿ˜Š

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