24 Jan

Travel Influencers to Consume their Content: Part two

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Hi everyone, I bring to you Part two of the travel Influencers to Consume their content blog post, I wrote part 1 in 2020, click here to read part one which featured 35 travel Influencers…

I will be starting with two Influencers that I intended to feature in part one but I was not able to include due to publishing the post before getting their consent.

  • Jessica Ufuoma: Is a travel blogger and founder of gojolley (previously known as: theufuomaexperiences). As at the time of writing  this article, she has visited 50 countries across different continents in the world and has visited some countries more than once. She shares about her adventures on her blog, social media platforms, newsletters etc. She also creates contents on: benefits of solo travel, packing tips, flight hacks, making the most of the green passport, visa hassles, travel essentials, how to travel regularly while working a 9-5 full time job and other priorities and many more.

Jessica Ufoma


  • Travel Afcon: Name of the founder – Segbenu Olusola Medese

founder: travelafcon


About travelafcon- Travelafcon is a full service tour company, curating custom travel experiences for groups, hosted groups and individual clients. They specialize in family travel, corporate incentive travel, honeymoon packages, individual reservations and  offer services to a wide array of clients all across Africa
  • Travelwaka. com: Travelwaka.com is a leading travel company that offers a wide range of services like local and international tours, visa processing, flight and hotel reservation etc. From destination guides and travel tips, Travelwaka.com is the ultimate resource for anyone planning a trip.   Travelwaka.com. has something for both seasoned travelers and new travelers. With a team of experienced professionals, Travelwaka.com is dedicated to providing accurate, up-to-date all round tourism experience. 
  • Leke Adelaja : Founder of Travelwaka is a digital entrepreneur and a travel consultant with many years of experience in the hospitality industry. He has passion for travel and adventure, and he saw the potential for using technology to enhance the tourism experience. With a background in digital marketing and a keen understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape, Leke is committed to revolutionizing the way people do business online and also how people plan and book tours and travel packages. Through his companies he uses cutting-edge technology to offer personalized, curated trip planning and booking services, making it easier for customers to plan and book the trip of their dreams. When he’s not busy growing his company, Leke is always exploring new places and cultures, and he’s always looking for the next big adventure.
Leke Adelaja
  • Ehindero Damilola Ruth: is a known tour organizer and hospitality professional. She bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and tourism from the prestigious Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta FUNAAB.
She is a lover of nature and has been to a lot of destinations in Nigeria.
A great entrepreneur. Her passion for  tourism promotion in Nigeria led to the birth of TourersNigeria, a tour firm that organizes private and/or group trips, offers tour guiding services for destinations and to destinations in Nigeria.
She desires to showcase the beautiful Nigeria to Nigerians and the world at large.
She’s a brilliant writer, as she has her own way of documenting her experience on various trips on a blog post, and she also shares useful tips and tricks to make navigating better in Nigeria.
Ehindero Damilola is presently the Travel director of TourersNigeria.
She’s set to be on a mission to tour the whole 36 States in Nigeria.
  • Wemimo Kolade: is a Nigerian traveller, adventure lover & experience curator. She has a passion for helping people explore better, showcase the beauty of the motherland and improve their mental health through maintaining a better work-life balance by curating fun experiences & tour packages, sharing her travel stories via social media & writings.
Also, she’s the founder of “The Fika Experience” a tourism brand with a thriving community of professionals, creatives, students etc of different age groups with the aims of fulfilling their travel dreams & adventures with Budget friendly packages across Africa & Nigeria.
She is present on Instagram as @im_wehmie
The Fika Experience
  • Ipinmi: is a travel blogger & content creator. Her biggest passion is travelling and exploring new destinations, experiencing new cultures and sharing how travel can be done without breaking the bank.
Through her content, she hopes to inspire us to embark on our own adventures. The world is there to be seen and explored. Her travel blog is called: Ferinajo which means lover of travel.
  • Tambollo Africa :Sikemi Ifederu is the Founder and CEO of TAMBOLLO Africa They are a travel company that creates authentic and life changing experiences through personalized private trips, group trips, retreats. They have a philanthropic aspect to them; they make a positive impact and support local communities that they visit. They are all about travelling with a purpose!
Tambollo Africa
  •  Odenike Oresanya :Has a travel brand known as Hey Nikeh. She is  a lover of travel, adventure and beauty. She shares her stories through pictures and videos to inspire people to live their best life and discover the beauty of God’s Green Earth! She is  an advocate for Nigerian Tourism and she showcases unknown and known locations through her videos while changing the negative narrative surrounding the country. She has visited 20 states so far and the plan is to visit the remaining 17. She is a certified Travel and Tours Management Practitioner with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Benin, Edo State.
  • Hannah Ajala: Ajala is a travelpreneur and storyteller with experience of over 50 countries, 15 of them being African countries. She is also a journalist with a passion of challenging stereotypes especially about the African continent. This passion also led her to start Ajala Travels Tours, where she brings travelers from around the world to safely enjoy the beauty of the African continent and beyond.
Hannah Ajala


  • Veronica-Frank Ukafia: popularly known as Vera Frank is a traveler and travel content creator on a mission to see the world, let people see it through her eyes, and also inspire them to want to see it too, starting with her country Nigeria.
She does this by sharing amazing photos, videos, stories, and facts about the places she visits on Instagram: click here
and YouTube: click here
This she does to help people who intend to visit these places have proper information prior to embarking on their journey. She also preaches “Start with where you are.” as most people often forget that if they’re on a budget, they could explore places within their home, prior to visiting other destinations outside their home country.
Apart from showing the beautiful places that exist in Nigeria, she recently started showing people other beautiful places on the African continent and hopes to expand to the rest of the world soon.
A big thank you to these amazing travel influencers for their feedback.
Do you already follow some of these awesome travel influencers? Are there travel influencers you will love to see added to this post?

Thank you so much for the feature ma’am

faithooo says:

You are welcome 😊

Great list. I follow many of these guys, they’re all doing great documenting their adventures across Nigeria and the world.

faithooo says:

Thank you Amarachi 😊

Yinka says:

Wowwwwwwwwi someone has visited over fifty countries?That is so amazing.

Wehmie says:

Thanks so much for the feature ma’am.
I consume most of these people’s content and I must say they’re doing a good job.

faithooo says:

Your welcome 😊. Awesomeeee

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