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  • I am looking forward to getting recommended for management consulting roles in management consulting firms and I trust I am going to put in my best to be beneficial to the organization, make impact, be a problem solver, add a lot of value, willing to learn and much more. Please kindly check out my LinkedIn profile for more information on my qualifications and efforts I am making to keep improving myself, learn more and harness more opportunities.
  • I  work with brands whose vision, mission, goals etc. align with mine.
  • I am looking forward to opportunities to work with tourism boards through recommendations, pitching to them etc.
  • I partner/collaborate with other travel bloggers (and bloggers in other niches) and other travel enthusiasts on posts, webinars, trips and more.
  • I can make some recommendations on: web developers, graphic designers, a travel company that handles: IELTS lectures and training, pilgrimage, admissions, student visas and more.
  • I can speak at events on travel and tourism and other subject matters of interest.
  • I can  use my website/blog/social media accounts to promote products/services that align with my brand through banners, making posts, pages etc.
  • I can plan and coordinate corporate retreats, getaways, school excursions, daycations, staycations and more and make referrals where necessary.
  • I am looking forward  to opportunities to work with TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, magazines  for interviews, features etc.
  • click here to view my brands I have worked with page.