08 Jul

An interesting discovery with a 15 step easy guide

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Hello, I have some good news. I partnered with one of the leading online travel agencies to make flight tickets more affordable for us all. You can book and pay securely for tickets at a cheaper rate. You can compare prices from different airlines in the same place. On deal days, discounts can be up to 25%, 30% off or more.

Up to 50%, 60% discounts on days of black Friday sales, anniversary sales etc on local flights. Huge discounts on International flights as well; fastest fingers first sales, book ahead of your trip to secure nice deals.



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Work trips, School trips, Vacation trips, event trips, business trips, any trip; travel for less. Yay!!! Yipee!!! It is a win win for us all. Thanks in advance for coming on board.

Identifying a problem and providing some solutions: I did a lot of research on how to make flight tickets more affordable and accessible. The aviation industry truly has a lot of bills to pick up: paying staff, maintenance, repairs and many many more…Also, I thought of the principle of turnover! If more people are able to afford flight tickets, more people will travel by air, if more people that can afford it get discounts, they will want to buy more, definitely when more people are buying more income comes for those in the travel industry… It is a win win win.




HOW TO BOOK: Please note that you have to go through my website to be able to activate deals, promos, discounts etc and not directly to the app or the travel agencies website

Log on to my website: https://www.faithooo.com.ng

Click on the menu icon(at the top of the page)/footer icons below the posts (it will take you to the same place) Click on: Book Cheap Flights Here (which is the first option on either the menu or footer) Click on: book now on the banner (image) you see there

Open the web page, fill the place and dates of departure and return, number of travelers, class of travel.

Click Search for flights.

View the various options and select the one that you want

Click choose this flight beneath details.

Enter travel info and save, enter meal preference (if any).

Enter contact details and save.

Click next on the next page, there will be a number of other services, read them: pick the box if you will want the service and unpick the box if you do not want the service

Proceed to next, read next instruction and pick either Yes or No depending on if you want the service.

On the next page: Apply voucher code ( this is so that you can be paid back any balance you did not use).

Select payment method: If you are not using either Zenith or Access bank to pay, Click the third option which is: Travel start office online banking and you will be sent an email on how to pay.

Add details for your invoice issue and Click pay.


Please note as said earlier in the post, that you have to book through my website to secure these deals and not go directly to the travel agencies website.

Please share post with family and friends.

Hope you are excited?

I might earn a small commission when you purchase flight tickets through the above steps at no extra cost to you. Thanks in advance for your support.

Yinka says:

Lets do this

Adetutu says:

Wao! Go girl

Great initiative you’ve got going on here Faith! Thanks for making travel cheaper for all of us.

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